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If you are looking for an expert in mold design and product design, you are in the right place! I can help you with everything to bring your product to life. I will give your project my very best effort-always! My first goal with every project is to achieve 100% satisfaction with every project I complete.

I am a mechanical engineer. I specialize in injection mold design and mold flow analysis by using Moldex3D. I have my unique approach to doing this.

I’m not saying I’m the best in this industry, but I’m probably the only person who is willing to do these 4 things for you:

✅ Go the extra mile: I’m willing to spend 80% of my time researching so I can understand your niche and support you in all aspects of the product development process from idea to mass production.

✅ I’m not the kind of 9-to-5 person who just waits until 5 pm to shut down the laptop. Working extra hours to help you achieve what you are looking for is my biggest hobby.

✅ I've been designing high-quality molds for companies like the Lego Corporation in Denmark, Crayola, and SIAMP …
♦️ I can design mold two plates, three plates with slider (angular pin, T-slot or Cylinder), slide movement on fix half, delay slide, two steps slide, and tunnel slide.
♦️ Mold hot runner, 2K mold, mold hot runner combine cold runner use manifold from Mold master, Otto Manner, Husky.
♦️ Unscrew mold, DME collapsible core…
♦️ Ejector system as two-step ejectors, accelerated ejectors, Stripper plate ejectors, angle ejectors...
♦️ Design conformal cooling additive manufacturing (SLM- part, copper pin inside part), Wema cooling pipe…

✅ I always do mold flow analysis by using Moldex3D. You will get a plastic part injection molding simulation before final mold manufacturing and processing.
That will include animation of injection with:
♦️ Filling Time, Filling Pressure, weld line…
♦️ Sink mark, warpage…
♦️ Software Generated Report.

Unlike many other injection mold designs who only try to complete their mold construction as FAST as possible so they can take your money and disappear.

I am willing to put in an extra hour double check just to make sure my mold assembly is working well. Definitely, you do not have to pay me a single cent for this.

I’ve found the biggest problem in the injection mold is the flash slider in plastic sample. There are too many reasons but the main reason is the looking heel did not cover all the elements. If the mold support plate is not strong enough when the mold run under high pressure, the support plate will get deflection. If the value of deformation is higher air venting depth of material, flash will appear.

If we were to work together, you just need to provide me with the basic information about your prospects, products/services… Answer some questions that might have and I do all the rest.

If the final result is not what you are looking for, don’t pay me. I’m happy with that. Not for a moment did I raise a question of taking money from someone who is not satisfied with my work.

When do you need it done? Feel free to contact me for more details.
Thank you.


  • HO CHI MINH CITY UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY (HCMUT) Bachelor of Engineering (BEng), Mechanical engineering, MECHANICAL ENGINEERING, 7.5 2013 – 2018