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Product and manufacturing design can come with many hiccups. In addition to managing budgets, meeting deadlines, and satisfying expectations, consistent collaboration and communication with relevant team members is a prevalent issue for many designers within—and outside of—the product and manufacturing design community. How in the world can you keep it all together? 

What if a piece of software existed that allowed you to seamlessly collaborate with team members while making it easy for relevant systems to speak to one another? Fortunately, this exists. Creo is a group of leading product design software. This tool is made up of ten apps that serve a specific purpose during the product design process. From helping designers create concepts for facilitating the design and analyzation process, Creo's robust tools allow designers to more efficiently move throughout the product design experience. 

If you want to optimize the impact of your business, especially in the product design sphere, then Creo is the best way to go. However, while Creo is part of the solution, you also need an exceptional designer who knows how to realize the potential of what this tool has to offer. 

Fortunately, Cad Crowd’s CAD design freelancers understand how vital a talented designer is to creating product designs and models that meet the expectations of your customers. Our Creo design services are meant to connect you with experienced and capable designers with experience in Creo software tools. It would be best if you had someone who is going to use Creo not only to create sharp and well-designed models but to also keep you and your team in the loop of the design process every step of the way. 

We want to help you move forward in your product design process, so read on about how using Creo and hiring a talented freelance designer can help you move forward in your product design process. 

How Creo's various components can allow you to move forward in your next product design project

Instead of just one software offering, Creo provides ten apps that help facilitate progress through each step of the design process. Understanding what each app offers can give you the information you need to determine if Creo is the best option for your next product design project as well as help you decide on the type of freelance mechanical engineer you would need to work with. Here are Creo's standard ten app tools. These are representative of the 2.0 version, but new apps and features have likely been added to the newest version of the software tool:

Creo Parametric – This app incorporates traditional CAD applications with parametric modeling that have direct and freeform capabilities. 

Creo Direct – This is a tool for CAD-based engineers who want to manipulate the geometry of items with direct modeling. 

Creo Simulate – An app that allows designers to simulate or replicate the real-world stresses (thermal, structural, and vibrational) on a product model. 

Creo Schematics – This app is excellent for blueprints and 2D layouts. Schematics enables designers to develop system diagrams that can include a wide variety of physically connected networks. 

Creo Illustrate – This tool can be used to create 3D illustrations, 2D drawings, and animated sequences while also sending communications regarding relevant design information. 

Creo View MCAD – A robust visualization tool, Creo View MCAD, allows designers to view, manipulate, mark up, and validate MCAD geometry. 

Creo View ECAD – This tool accomplishes the same tasks as Creo View MCAD just for ECAD geometry. 

Creo Sketch – This app allows designers the chance to quickly and easily convert ideas and concepts to 2D drawings. Creo Sketch also provides the seamless sharing of ideas to other team members. 

Creo Layout – Enables designers to develop detailed ideas in 2D while also including scope and dimension information. These models can then be quickly converted into 3D models without the hassle of having to switch to another stand-alone 3D CAD system. 

Creo Options Modeler – This app speeds up the design process by allowing design teams the option to create multiple 3D design concepts and configurations to more quickly communicate ideas to customers. 

New versions also have augmented reality, live simulation, and design additive features. What makes Creo so dynamic is that it allows designers to accomplish two things incredibly effectively: 

  1. Handle all 2D and 3D product design and corresponding analysis processes in one place. 
  2. Efficiently and seamlessly share information regarding product designs and ideas regardless of the app that is being used. 

In addition to these two high points, all apps are also designed to speak to one another to make the design process more streamlined and efficient for all involved. 

Our Creo design services can ensure you are matched with a 3D modeling designer who is skilled in utilizing these apps to develop expertly crafted 2D and 3D product designs. Whether you want to create parametric models or ensure all team members are kept up to speed, hiring a designer who is an expert in working with Creo is an excellent step for your next project. 

The benefits of using Creo for your next product design project 

Creo provides unprecedented levels of flexibility and opportunities for analysis and validation. Fortunately, the benefits are plentiful for those who are skilled in using this software. Here are some additional advantages to incorporating Creo into your arsenal of product design tools: 

A true all-in-one system – Creo allows 2D and 3D CAD, as well as communication and analysis, to occur in one place. You don't have to change systems to accomplish direct or parametric modeling or validate various designs or concepts. Creo's suite of ten apps makes it possible to get everything done in one place. 

The apps can talk to one another – Think about how much easier life would be if the apps within suites like Microsoft Office or Google Docs could communicate with one another to more easily transfer information. The collection of Creo apps all communicate using the same digital language. As a result, it is easy to transfer data between these apps. This feature prevents designers from having to re-do work on another platform. 

Can handle CAD data from other platforms – Creo's apps aren't just communication-friendly to one another; they can also easily handle data and information from other CAD platforms. Designers and users do not have to recreate designs as these apps allow designers to work with and edit data from other CAD platforms. 

Addresses current technological advances – The robust nature of this system of software makes it easy for modern businesses to take advantage of current design technological advances, primarily related to manufacturing. Many of Creo's platforms make 3D printing, enhanced 3D modeling, and other emerging technical capabilities much more accessible and straightforward. 

Gain greater realism in your models and designs – Creo's commitment to showcasing more realistic and sharper digital representations makes it much easier to see models as they would be once completed. This feature is especially crucial for product designs and manufacturers. It is essential to get a sense for the physical behavior, form, and potential overall functionality of a product. Creo's visualization and validation features make this easy to accomplish. 

A combined approach to 3D modeling – Instead of having to choose between parametric or direct modeling, Creo makes the decision easy for designers and includes both. Designers can enjoy the robust nature of parametric modeling while also taking advantage of the efficiency and flexibility afforded by direct modeling. Including these both as options prevents designers from having to bounce around to multiple software types. 

If you are looking for an all-in-one design system that gives you the flexibility, seamless data transfer options, and inter-app communication, then Creo is an excellent option. Fortunately, our network of global design talent includes freelance designers who are skilled in using Creo during the design process. Allow Cad Crowd to handle the hiring process for you, and connect you and your company with an expert freelance designer who can take your product designs to the next level using Creo. 

The benefits of outsourcing your Creo product design work 

It may be tempting to handle product designs in-house; however, there are a wide variety of benefits to allowing a freelance CAD designer to take over the design work. Here are a few reasons why outsourcing your product design work to a freelancer could be the right decision for you and your company. 

Bypass the learning curve – While Creo may sound like the best product design software option, many of your in-house designers may have limited experience with this tool. So, instead of spending the time and money to train them, why not hire a designer who is already skilled at utilizing Creo and optimizing product design processes while using it? With a tool as robust as Creo, you want someone who has enough experience with it to take advantage of all it offers. 

Allow your team to handle only what they can – You may have designers who are up for the task, but you will likely need their help elsewhere. Your in-house designers, engineers, and manufacturers have knowledge of your company, policies, and operations that no one else has. This fact enables them to do work that is unique to your company and the projects you take on. 

As a result, standard design work can be done by someone that is not needed for things like project or budget management. So, leave the complex and sophisticated tasks that are unique to your company to those within it, and allow a freelancer to handle more general design needs. 

Save on costs – Full-time workers have their benefits, but they can bring equal amounts of costs to your company. From spending on benefits to annual salaries, the price of a full-time in-house designer can add up. Fortunately, today's growing gig economy makes it much easier to hire freelance designers at mutually beneficial salaries and hourly costs. With a freelance designer, you can only pay for the work and time you need. This situation allows you to better plan and budget for the costs of a designer. 

Take advantage of another perspective – Your company likely has a culture and a standard way of doing things. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this. However, it is sometimes a good idea to get another perspective and opinion on the work you are doing. A freelance designer is not bound by the way you have always done things. They can bring their own innovative experiences and skills to your company to provide a fresh perspective on the work you do. 

Work with the best no matter where they are – The gig economy and growing comfortability with remote work make it possible to hire a freelancer who may not be in your time zone. While this may create some timing challenges (that can be efficiently handled with the right tools), the benefits are there. 

Platforms like ours allow you to hire the best individual for the job regardless of where they are located. This situation provides an excellent opportunity for you and your company. Time zones and other geographic limitations no longer bind you. You can hire the best person for the right price, even if they are on the other side of the world. 

These benefits scratch the surface when it comes to what outsourcing Creo design services can offer. Many other positive impacts may be unique to your company, like efficiency and cost savings. As a result, we encourage you to consider hiring a freelance designer to handle your product design and Creo software needs. 

Allow Cad Crowd's Creo design services to help you in your search for a freelance designer

There is a lot of talent out there. While this is a good problem to have, this fact can be a double-edged sword. You have a variety of people to choose from regarding whom to hire. However, it can also provide you with the overwhelming process of finding the right person for the job. This step is where Cad Crowd can come in to make the hiring process less time-consuming and more productive. Cad Crowd has a global network of designers who are pre-vetted and bring a variety of exceptional experiences to their design work. 

If you are seeking a designer who is skilled in managing tools as robust as Creo, allow Cad Crowd to help you find a freelancer who is the right fit. 

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