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DESIGN SOLUTION Come to me with your sketches, handmade mockups, or just a vision in your head and I'll turn it into a 3D Computer Model for your review. CAD MODELING - Mark-ups to CAD - Paper to CAD - As built / Record drawings - Coordination of drawings - Digitization of old and important drawings - Finite Element Analysis ANIMATION I also offers stunning animation services including video, architectural renderings, product. Showcase every detail of a product you’ve imagined with a 3D product video. I will transform your dreams in virtual world designs. 3D PRINTING 3D printing enables you to show up your detailed model in hand. With the relative speed of 3D printing, you can meet up with your deadlines and show your model weeks before a deadline. I have my own 3D printering shop!


  • University of Siegen in 2013 (Master of Science (M.S), Mechatronics)
  • Ganpat University in 2010 (Bachelor of Technology , Mechatronics)