Expert Maxsurf Freelancers for Hire

Maxsurf is a software solution that is designed to optimize the performance of your marine vessel. This is a powerful tool that comes from Bentley, and it is essential to trust Maxsurf freelancers for any Maxsurf services you may have in mind. There is no question that when it comes to visualizing and optimizing vessel designs, this elaborate collection of integrated naval architectural tools brings a great deal to the table. 

Working with a freelance Maxsurf designer from Cad Crowd, you will be able to take advantage of everything this software is capable of. With more than twelve thousand freelancers across the world, Cad Crowd can give you the ability to find Maxsurf freelancers who can bring considerable experience and insight to your specific project.

Whether you have a great deal of experience with Maxsurf, and you simply want to bring in a freelancer for a second opinion, or if you need professionals to show you how to optimize the potential of this software, Maxsurf freelancers from Cad Crowd can help. We can connect you to a freelance Maxsurf designer who can work with the exact specifications of a project that may need to build fair hull shapes, meet ongoing stability requirements, minimize power demands, and ensure everything on the vessel is comfortable and secure. 

These are some of the issues this software can address. More to the point, the software has been praised for its ability to work with a wide range of projects and demands. Working with Cad Crowd freelancers offering Maxsurf services, you will be able to meet the particulars of your project. This software has the ability to brilliantly streamline several crucial elements of creating a sea-fairing vessel. 

Without the right freelancers, though, you may not be getting everything out of this software. You may also find yourself working with a project that utilizes this software in a way you are not experienced with. If that is indeed the case, there is no doubt that freelancers can give you the end result you require.

Maintaining scantling compliance while minimizing structural weight can be a challenging endeavor for any design project. Maxsurf makes it easy for projects to create scenarios that will eventually lead to solutions. With a deep inventory of tools, as well as a straightforward interface, Maxsurf services can cover a wide variety of possibilities. When you trust what you need to Maxsurf freelancers, the end result is going to prove to be everything you require.


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- A competent and dynamic Naval Architect with an enriching experience of over 20 years in the Marine industry. - Strong Analytical, Design and Planning Skills. - Site Supervision experience in Shipyards. - 3D Laser Scanning Survey and Analysis experience. - Adept at using different Computer software packages for Engineering & Workshop design. - Sound knowledge of different Rules, Regulations and Standards. - Teamwork experience and record of working effectively on both group and individual projects
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Educated to high level, graduating first from Furniture Design and manufacture and later Marine Engineering with a focus on High Performance composites and Marine structure design. Currently working predominantly as design engineer for new build superyachts in the south of England and often super/mega yacht refit and modifications around Europe. I am experienced in 3D modelling for concept design, CAD CAM, 3D printing and producing manufacture drawings for shop floor. I have produced rendered images and presentations of design concepts, and given detailed manufacture specifications for components, furniture and large modifications for some of the largest Superyachts in the world. E.G. Yachts Rising Sun, Aglaia/Ahimsa, Ecstasy, Moonbird, Nirvana, Cinderella IV and many more. I have a very good understanding of manufacture processes and I daily deal with issuing manufacture instructions and specifications by means of 2d drawings and discussions with project managers. I am willing to discuss any design work required which involves 3D modelling, 2D engineering drawings, rendered presentations or images, composite tooling, 3D printing, CNC etc. My CV and Portfolio is available for viewing on my linkedin page at:
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Argo Navis
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Argo Navis is a specialist design, engineering and consulting company, built on years of extensive experience in the marine, offshore, boat and yachting industries. The company comprises an expert team of structural, mechanical and electrical engineers, naval architects, and analysts, dedicated to providing bespoke services of the very highest quality. The team’s collective skillset enables bespoke solutions from conception to delivery.The software we use encompasses naval design, finite element analysis, tooling and prototyping. Specifically: Solidworks, Rhinocerous, Autocad, Delftship, Autohydro, Patran and other CAD/CAM software facilitating outstanding quality design output, meticulous accuracy in measurements and renowned results.
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