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What should you do if you want to know how your product behaves in the real world? Well, there are several steps you can take, but one of the best is to test it using LS Dyna. This multi-physics simulation software allows you to run objects through various digital tests to spot design flaws and see potential problems. As a result, you can correct the design and make improvements to your product even before you manufacture it, which can lead to lower total production costs and higher customer satisfaction.

LS Dyna gives you access to extensive material and elements. So, no matter what your product is made of and what its components are, you can accurately recreate its design and form within the program. It also comes with a wide range of contact algorithms, which further increase the accuracy of your tests and depict exactly what would happen when your product interacts with the real world. 

One of the best things about LS Dyna is that it’s nonlinear, which means you can test your product for complications that occur in real life and predict the unpredictable things that can happen. This is great especially if your product is made of thermoplastic polymers and other materials that don’t exhibit ideal elasticity. This is also ideal if your product has parts that wear down over time or has the possibility to experience large-scale deformations.

LS Dyna’s interface is easy to understand especially if you have used other simulation programs before. However, if you’re not familiar with simulation software and don’t have the time to tackle the learning curve, the best thing you can do is to hire Cad Crowd’s LS Dyna freelancers. By doing this, you’ll have skillful and experienced professionals to run your product through the paces, determine its flaws and potential problems, and identify ways through which you can improve the design.

What can you expect when you hire a freelance LS Dyna expert from Cad Crowd? Well, the process is pretty simple: send us your project brief, and we’ll choose a vetted contractor whose skills and expertise perfectly match your needs and who’ll do a great job on your project. 

Of course, if you want to have more control over the hiring process, you always have the option to choose a freelancer on your own. Simply browse through our list of LS Dyna freelancers and choose one you think will do a great job. You can then hire them directly through their member profile.

The best part about using Cad Crowd is that you can enjoy utmost flexibility. Hire our freelancer for a one-time job, or take advantage of our hourly LS Dyna services to get ongoing assistance on your project — the choice is up to you! Call us now to learn more about our solutions, or start searching for the right contractor for your project.

PD Services
PD Services IN in Pune
Member Since: 2017-01-17
We are a result-oriented group of Product Development Engineers (Mechanical Design) who succeed in doing multiple tasks. Ability to relate CAD & CAE simultaneously to develop durable and efficient products. Innovative problem-solving skills to multiply the performance of machine & mechanical components. We develop the entire system starting from scratch including CAD, CAM, CAE, CFD, mechanical, power etc. We have design experience in Automotive components, Industrial designs, Heavy engineering. We are here to fill any gaps or voids left in your job. We design your ideas all the way to production.
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Ramin Ranjbar
Ramin Ranjbar US in Oak Park
Member Since: 2017-02-27
I am a Mechanical Engineer with 7 years experience in the Aerospace , and 5 years in the Automotive industries. Many years of 3D CAD work; excellent in CATIA, SolidWorks, and AutoCad. Expert in Finite Element Modeling (CATIA, ABAQUS, LS-DYNA) for both composite and homogeneous materials. Hands on experience with manufacturing processes for Aluminum, Composites, and metal bonded products.
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Member Since: 2016-05-23
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dhv4brre CZ in Brno
Member Since: 2015-09-08
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ZEST Technology
ZEST Technology IN in Pune
Member Since: 2015-10-27
Greetings.. from Zest Engineering Services and Technology. About Us Zest Engineering Services and Technology is an SBU of Zest Technology, which is one of the leading excellence center for engineering services having worldwide presence for last 6 Yrs. Our Journey Began with an Idea of innovation with a tool of engineering expertise. Our Directors who initiated the concept have worked in many countries and in different techno-commercial environment. Considering the fact that future scope of engineering services and technology continues up-gradation, challenging products and cost effectiveness will be the driving force for product based company’s to look forward for better and better products in Future. Our Moto is providing 3E Solution i.e. Experience, Expertise and Effectiveness, Intend is past project experience, Technical manpower expertise and Cost and time effectiveness of the projects. We believe in moving together, we have associated Zest Technology to various multinational corporations which help us in technical support and also give us opportunity to work on different domain projects onsite and offshore. Thus this helped us make our presence worldwide and expert in different domain of product solution. We have Three centers in Pune catering different domains of business solution to our customers, Internationally we have regional representative office in Singapore and USA. Which helps our international clients to have better communication with us. Every Customer looks for one point Solution i.e. from scratch to finish Product hence not only we do product design but also we do development of products. As Pune is considered to be an engineering hub we have developed our expert Vendor sources for manufacturing support and a team for manufacturing expertise for the products. With Us Quality in services depends on two major factors first Project should be completed in Time, And the second is to meet customers requirement to clients satisfaction. With growing Customers worldwide we maintain complete decorum of confidentiality and trust, That’s why our customers have appreciated our effort and Made it possible to enable Zest Technology as a trusted brand in international Market.
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Vikrant Dhone
Vikrant Dhone IN in Mumbai
Member Since: 2016-01-03
I'm a Mechanical Engineer with expertise in FEA analysis, Experience of around 2 years in this field.
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Navin Kumar
Navin Kumar IN in Chennai
Member Since: 2017-04-20
Mechanical Design Engineer with 6 years experience in Machine Design,Reverse Engineering,Jig & Fixture Design,Tool Design,CAD conversion,Product Design & Analysis.
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Vernalis Engineering
Member Since: 2013-05-15
At Vernalis Engineering, a division of Vernalis, we focus on creating business value by reducing product development time through utilizing state of the art computer aided engineering technologies. Our team has served in both OEM and Service industries for 17 years. This blend of experience enables us to provide feasible, innovative solutions with consistent quality delivered within optimal timescales. All of which, empowers our clients to maintain their competitive edge. Over the years, we have built an enviable reputation in supporting clients globally. We are proud of helping our customers meeting their engineering challenges in the following industries: Automotive Forging Industrial machinery Home appliances Power transmission Special purpose machinery Industrial automation Wind energy CORE OFFERINGS New Product Development Re-Engineering Reverse Engineering Optimization Product Visualization
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Guillermo Aguado
Member Since: 2014-11-17
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Mech CAD Solutions
Mech CAD Solutions US in Millwood
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