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Inkscape is a vector graphics editor and creator, providing users with a tool to create illustrations, line art, diagram charts, logos and even complex paintings. Unlike similar editing software, such as Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw, Inkscape is free, open source, and truly cross-platform.

At its most basic, Inkscape can render vector shapes that are simple and primitive, such as ellipses, 3D boxes and rectangles. It can also render text, adding a bit of creativity to it. Objects can be filled with patterns, solid colors and color gradient that are either radial or linear. Depending on the feature that you use, there is a lot that you can create with Inkscape. 

In creating an object, for example, there are specific tools for creating rectangles and squares, 3D boxes, ellipses, stars and polygons and spirals. There's also a pencil tool, calligraphy tool, text tool, spray tool and connector tool. 

Existing drawings of an object can be manipulated through Inkscape as well. There are arbitrary affine transformations, such as rotating, scaling, skewing and moving, which can be used to transform an object. There are also tools to style objects and to edit paths. 

Inkscape uses scalable vector graphics as its primary format, but it also allows import and export of other formats. This is one of the reasons that the application is used across a wide variety of industries, including CAD, web graphics, animation, marketing/branding, and for other individual uses. 

While the design process may start with nothing but doodles on a napkin, it requires professional publishing that Inkscape offers to develop the idea fully. With the flexibility and power of its features, it is one of the best tools to create vector graphics. 

What is even better is that there's a free Inkscape community where designers have access to source code links, list of builds released and an entire community of designers that will help each other to deliver impressive creations. 

However, it's one thing to know how to use Inkscape, and another to create graphics that can be used for web browsers or commercial printers. In situations where a professional input is required, do not hesitate to hire Inkscape Freelancers.

You'll find plenty of them here at Cad Crowd, an online platform that connects clients with freelancers design services. With a community consisting of thousands of freelance designers, we will connect you with a reliable and highly qualified freelance Inkscape designer.

Some of our Inkscape freelancers also have skills that extend to other areas of design, such as CAD design, CAD conversion, CAD modeling, mechanical product design and solid modeling. This means they are familiar with software other than Inkscape. These include Adobe Illustrator, Autodesk Inventor, AutoCAD and SolidWorks. 

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Sextant Technical
Sextant Technical CA in Mississauga
Member Since: 2016-10-28
I am a Mechanical Technologist in Mississauga Canada with 20+ years experience in AutoCad, Fusion and GeoMagic, I am a fully qualified general machinist / mechanical technologist where I have completed many automation systems design and build assignments. I have worked in the manufacturing industry for many years which gives me an advantage in being able to see quickly what designs are practical and cost effective to fabricate. I have rapid prototyping capability using a variety of machine tools which are complimented by a variety of FFF printers.
42 points
ec-dd IL in
Member Since: 2017-03-20
Elise Chwan [elees – shwahn] grew up in the state of New York, USA. She went to college at SUNY University at Buffalo in western New York for a Bachelor of Science in Architecture and minor in Studio Art. Half way through college, she started working for an architect over her summer breaks in her hometown. Elise continued working for the architecture firm for 6 months after her graduation from the university. She received an opportunity to work for a unitized curtain wall construction facility close to Buffalo, and worked there for 2 years and 3 months with multiple responsibilities, including assistant project management, drafting, and CNC programming. Elise then received another opportunity to draft alongside engineers and drafters for a steel company. She worked there for a year, and then was accepted to make aliyah. She now lives in Tel Aviv, Israel, and started Elise Chwan Design + Drafting to offer her wide range of knowledge and design skills to local and long distance companies.
35 points
Bert007 DE in Munich
Member Since: 2015-04-04
26 points
Hector Castillo
Hector Castillo VE in Barquisimeto
Member Since: 2017-01-20
7 points
John Dorfman
John Dorfman US in Evanston
Member Since: 2014-10-14
I graduated from the University of Wisconsin - Madison with a Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering. Since then, I have been in the consumer products industry as a mechanical engineer for the last 17 years. I worked at Allen-Bradley and Motorola and presently am at Optimal Design, a design firm, for 12 years. I have worked on injection molded plastics, sheet metal, die cast parts etc ranging from routers to power tools to cell phones to tupperware. I have extensive experience with the 3D CAD software Creo (was Pro/Engineer) and Solidworks. Lastly, I am a licensed professional engineer in Illinois.
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DC Designs
Member Since: 2017-02-22
For the last five years i have been in a manufacturing environment, I have done computer aided design and computer aided machining quite successfully. While i worked for Timberseld Products, Inc. I designed and manufactured fixtures for the CNC machines that doubled the output of the CNC machines, i also made the G-code programs that run the parts in said fixtures. Timberseld Products, Inc. informed me that the fixtures saved them over $300,000 each year. I am currently employed by Gibson Brands, Inc. and have been busy designing fixtures that save time and money, reverse engineering parts in order to create solid models and drawings with dimensions for the shop floor and tech team, and designing production processes and tools that increase quality and decrease labor costs.
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Portfolio work
Member Since: 2012-10-07
I am a CAD student at ITT Tech pursuing an associates degree. Since enrollment I have made honors every semester. I have advanced 10 fold over my classmates due to my own persuit of knoledge and procurment of design programs like Auto CAD Architecture 2013. Greener Pastures is an ambition for a future business (home page).
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Krsjanis Zarins
Krsjanis Zarins LV in RIGA
Member Since: 2013-08-15
I'm a freelance mechanical engineer from Latvia (Eastern Europe), I speak fluent technical English as I studied engineering in the United Kingdom. Basically I am a hardware hacker, I like to make things differently just because I can and doing projects that are different than others is my kind of thing. My software of choice is Autodesk Inventor, but I have used and can use several other software platforms. I have worked in the industry as a shade structure designer, this experiance gave me some skills in visual design using Adobe CS6. I have also worked as a vending machine constructor and a stair designer. I spend my free time building weird bikes, just like the cargo-ghetto-blaster-bike in my picture. Facts about me: -Vent to art school as a child -Started programming in Turbo Pascal at age of 12 -Restored a 1954 Moskvich 401 with my godfather at age 14 -Got third place in Latvia State Physics Olympiad at age of 16 -Can play the Guitar, Piano and the Trumpet -Ride bikes every day
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Barry Hamilton
Barry Hamilton GB in Glasgow
Member Since: 2014-05-16
HDP is a family run computer aided design company Specialising in home improvements, commercial and domestic refurbishment. Our director has 10 years experience within the construction industry in both management and design positions. He has worked for various contractors during this time with many different disciplines including kitchen & bathroom design, HVAC services, main contractors and specialist glass contractors. Throughout the years he has achieved many qualifications, his most recent being an SCQF level 9 in construction management & Civil Engineering. Which can be added to the HNC Construction Management (Grade A) & HNC Computer Aided Draughting & Design. HDP offer a number of services to the construction and design industry and we have broken these services down into 2 main categories: Domestic Services & Commercial services. Domestic Services: ◾Design Proposals ◾Surveys ◾Full planning applications and approvals ◾Building warrant applications & approval ◾Project Planning & Management ◾Structural design and certification (SER) ◾Retrospective approvals for works undertaken with no consent. ◾Home Improvement Application & Design Commercial Services: ◾Paper to CAD drawing conversions ◾2D & 3D Draughting service ◾Operation & Maintenance (O&M) file production. ◾As Installed survey & drawing packages.
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Garrett E Fox
Garrett E Fox US in Baltimore
Member Since: 2014-05-27
In 2002, after high school, I went directly into trade school and earned my AutoCAD Certification. Little did I know that I would be in the AEC field for the next 12 years. I regularly spend 8+ hours a day, working on schools and other similar buildings, making large sums of money for other people, whilst barely making ends meat for all of my hard work. This is the reason I've decided to go freelance. Coordinating electrical systems in building has become my strong suite. Although I went into CAD classes with dreams of making video games and 3D models, I have not been able to find the right the right company or the right location. Alas, I have continued to build complex 3D models for BIM coordination. But, no more! I’m hoping that if you've found this website you have an idea, maybe a hand drawn sketch or two, or even some old drawings that you’d like to have converted to a digital format. Do you want a replacement for that plastic clip that you broke on your car? Why not let me design it for you in 3D so you can have another one (or as many as you want) 3D printed. My personal website is far from complete at the moment, but I will be sharing all of my projects there (with my clients permission of course) as they come in and/or are under the development process. Feel free to ask questions in the comment section below or shoot me an email at: garrettefox@garrettefox.com and I’ll be happy to discuss your project with you.
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