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COMSOL Multiphysics is a cross-platform computer-aided engineering tool, specially designed to help finite element analysis processes and includes various physics and engineering applications for modeling, analyzing and creating complex simulations. This highly complex tool delivers a cross-disciplinary environment for product development. COMSOL also enables experts to create specialized applications together with user interfaces, which can be vital for your end product. This handy tool can also be applied to various processes and products, starting from electrical designing, creating structural and acoustic analyses, running simulations with fluid and heat components and much more. COMSOL Multiphysics is a highly complex, professional tool, which can ensure your end product's outstanding quality.

Application engineers and COMSOL multiphysics experts can help you finalize your end product by running tests and analysis processes in the COMSOL Multiphysics environment. Based on the results, you can fine-tune your product and eliminate any possible errors that might be found during a simulation. These can include nonlinear finite element, structural mechanics, heat transfer, and electromagnetics analyses, fluid flow simulations, chemical reaction analyses or acoustic simulations. These experts can provide you with product demonstrations, high-detailed modeling, complex analyses, and help you solve a variety of engineering and scientific problems that might be present. These experts can also advise you on technical questions, or provide you with various modeling assistance and services.

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