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Member Since: 2016-03-16
Employed in engineering for over 40 years. Companies worked for, Rolls Royce, Lotus, Xtrac , BAe systems, JDSU Uniphase, and CAModels. I operate as a sole trader with my extensive CAD/CAM experience, using fully licensed and supported Solidworks, for 2D detailing, Rendering, 3D modeling, and manufacturing file output including 2D drawings to BS8888. Rapid prototyping, Machine shop, Injection molding, Casting, Sheet metal, and Optical experiencel. I also have a small machine shop to manufacture prototypes and tooling. Customers include Imperial College London. Span Access Solutions Ltd, helping design there product range, and scheme drawings used on bridges and recently the Queen Elisabeth Aircraft Carrier. Customers also include multinationals CVI Melles Griot, Umicore and Spanoptic. Mechanical design engineers with over 40 years experience providing Computer Aided Design(CAD). Time served apprenticeship as an Engineer, My previous experience includes working for Ferranti, now Bae systems. OCLI, now JDSU Uniphase, CAMosdels, Later on contract design engineering with, Lotus, Xtrac, EKES, Assystem, using Siemens NX(Unigraphics). I am also trained in Autocad and Solidworks. Education HNC BSc.
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Hi, I am a mechanical engineering professional in US, have 20 years of experiences in mechanical design, engineering, and simulation. I worked for many different type of clients in Aerospace, Photonics, Oil and Gas, Telecommunication industries, where I successfully completed jobs. My areas of strength are thermal system, structural , laser system, etc design engineering and simulation. I have participated in government contract works for defense contractors and small SBIR companies. I also have collaborated with fast prototype and high end, low cost machine shop who are capable of doing both machining and sheet metal fabrication. I will look forward to working for you. I am available 24/7 through text message and email, in most time, I will get back to you within few hours. Thank you. Steve
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Ignacio Lopez
Member Since: 2016-02-19
Industrial engineer and Product designer with 15+ years of experience in product development. His professional career started in 2001 at the automotive field where he was designing and developing components for major car makers such as Ford, Audi, Volkswagen, Nissan Honda, or Mercedes-Benz. With the experience acquired for over a decade in engineering, manufacturing, design and CAD started his own business in 2012. Since then, had worked in more than 50 projects helping entrepeneurs and companies of all sizes arround the world in the mission of helping them to launch their ideas into the market by creating cad models for manufacturing, 3d printing or prototyping.
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Optical Designer
Member Since: 2014-11-20
I can design assemblies of complex lenses and mirrors, as well as basic opto-mechanical parts, such as lens mounts or baffles. I can import, as well as export STL, IGES, STEP, and SAT. My tool is Zemax OpticStudio Professional. For more about my background and capabilities, please check out my website: www.pcopticalengineering.com
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