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Hire CAD designers & engineers in Ann Arbor, Michigan

Hire a freelancer who can provide 3D modeling, 3D design, and CAD drafting services in Ann Arbor right here at Cad Crowd. Our community is comprised of pre-qualified and vetted designers and engineers who have the skills and experience required to handle a range of CAD design tasks for various industries. It doesn’t matter if you need design for an electronics part or need assistance with creating high-quality investor presentation materials, the talent you seek can be found right here. Acquiring the service of our talented freelance community is simple: just send us your project brief and we will take care of finding the right freelancer who can respond to the demands of your project. 

We do things differently here at Cad Crowd as we take a tailored approach. It’s the only way we can truly find the solutions you need to see your project from concept to realization. We have a highly talented roster of freelancers who can provide a range of services, from PCB design to simulation and analysis. We have freelancers who are able to assist with a variety of product design services, be it the design of new household products to helping out style food packaging. This is also the place to look when you want the best CAD drafters for civil, electrical, mechanical, and structural drafting projects in Ann Arbor. 

The freelance engineering and design team here at Cad Crowd can provide a range of CAD services so if there’s something you need, rest assured our members are able to provide the solutions you need. The best 3D modeling and CAD drafting talent in the Ann Arbor area can be found here at Cad Crowd. We have freelancers who can help with jewelry design as well as designers who can assist with new medical device design. Our freelance community is comprised of individuals who have served in different industries and in projects of all scopes and sizes. As such, they are up for whatever challenge that is thrown their way. 

Software also plays a big role in the services provided by our CAD design freelancers. Programs like CATIA offer a range of world-class 3D modeling and simulation tools that help our designers to not only model a product but also simulate its real-life behavior. We also have engineers who can use SolidWorks for electrical design services, be it developing efficient schematics for board layouts or designing embedded electrical systems for equipment. You’re also free to suggest a particular CAD program you’d want used for your project and we will find a freelancer who has the specific software skills you need. 

We also extend beyond CAD services. We are able to help you should you need manufacturing, 3D printing, and rapid prototyping services. We can also connect you with patent attorneys to help ensure your product doesn’t fall victim to infringement. 

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