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Last updated: Jun 16, 2024

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FAQ for Hiring Tekla BIMsight Designers

Tekla BIMsight is considered the missing link in the communication and management of building information model-based projects. This is because it can perform spatial co-ordination checks to determine if there are clashes and conflicts in the design. It is the best tool to avoid constructability and design issues. If CAD provides designers a platform to play with structural designs, Tekla BIMsight helps ensure that structural issues and concerns are avoided. 

How is Tekla BIMsight used in construction project collaboration?

Tekla BIMsight allows engineers to combine models, share information, and check for clashes of an entire construction workflow in a building information model (BIM) environment that is easy to use. This helps identify issues and solve them while the project is still in its design phase and before any form of construction is started, saving a project manager from costly mistakes. 

Using the software, a freelance Tekla BIMsight designer can combine different models, such as architectural, structural and MEP, and then use its features to view different aspects of a design project. Visibility, for example, lets you see and control the visibility of each model, giving you a glimpse as to what the structure would look like once completed. 

Any model that is made from other BIM applications that utilize the Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) format can be imported in Tekla BIMsight. The same is true with DWG and DGN formats. 

Some of the basic functionalities of the software include:

Navigation that lets you rotate around the model using a mouse. Simply click on a location on the screen and hold down the left-mouse button. You can pan and zoom using the middle mouse and wheel, respectively. 

Clipping lets you look deeper into the models. It will show you a building’s interior, which you can explore by using the right mouse button. If you want to clip a particular area, you can do so individually or all at the same time. 

The Fit to View feature lets you see or hide an entire model or specific selections. Select one or two areas of a model and then click on the Fit to View button to either show or hide the selected sections. 

You can also save specific Views as snapshots for future reference. For example, you can save a snapshot of a view of an entire building, a staircase or other interesting areas of a model. You can then switch between these snapshots, depending on what you want to see. 

Tekla BIMsight is basically CAD with the added functionality of design coordination checks. Someone with experience using CAD will be able to do more with this impressive software. 

If you want to hire a freelance Tekla BIMsight designer, look no further than Cad Crowd. We offer Tekla BIMsight services delivered by a community of professional designers, some of whom have knowledge and skills in the use of other software, including Tekla, Tekla Structures, ANSYS, 3D Studio Max, ETABS, and AutoCAD. 

We will match you with pre-vetted and highly qualified Tekla BIMsight freelancers to help you succeed in your projects. Submit your project for a free quote today!



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