Custom funnel with integrated phone mount

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Design a 3d model so that a prototype can be injection molded and/or 3d printed. Must come with all necessary components to render the prototype.
Clean, aesthetic design where all pieces connect properly and smoothly. Low tooling costs (Walls just need to be thick enough to retain it's s structure). Injection molding tool requirements will be evaluated.
Don't Wants:
Overly thick walls or unnecessary cavities that would raise the price of tooling. Designs that don't include draft, fillet and other injection molding prep.
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#1 Funnel with phone mount by tsalpha
Dec 10, 2013 22:22
#2 Custom funnel with integrated phone mount by CAD SPARKLES
Dec 11, 2013 7:48
#3 render graphic with vray by mop3d
Dec 11, 2013 22:25
#4 render graphic with vray by mop3d
Dec 11, 2013 22:57
#5 Funnel with phone mount by tsalpha
Dec 13, 2013 17:43
#6 Funnel with phone mount Revision 3 by tsalpha
Dec 17, 2013 16:08
#7 Funnel with phone mount Revision 4 by tsalpha
Dec 19, 2013 15:50
#8 Funnel with phone mount Revision 5 by tsalpha
Dec 21, 2013 17:15
Dec 24, 2013 19:07
#12 Fennel and phone case by AZ Jiang
Jan 2, 2014 8:07
#19 Horizontal Phone Funnel by tkeith
Jan 7, 2014 22:59


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