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I am looking for a cat litter box that works on a rake system, sensor with filters. It must be able to use all clumping cat litter,

If you can also design it to use eco friendly wood pellets so it becomes a 2 in 1 cat litter box self cleaning
It must have a hood and door flap, must not look like the ones presently on the market. It must be made with eco friendly materials. It must be appealing to the eye as it sits inside people’s homes.
Additional Information
I want a sample


1st Winner
#5 Eco-friendly Cat litter box with door and hood by Franson SilverRock
Thank you for hosing this interesting contest!
I have designed something cool inspired by the sample image. Allocation of internal components(sensors, rake motor drive, other electronics) are illustrated.
Attachments :
CAD STEP files: Models with and without door
PDF design proposal
Video file: exploded view
Sample render images
Sample CAD screenshots
Kindly let me know what you think of the design.
Once again thank you for hosting this contest,
Feb 28, 2021 9:28
#1 Cat Litter Box - Concept 1 by Gregorius Giga
Hi Bluebell,
This is my first draft/rough sketch 3D about the body/housing from Cat Litter Box Concept 1, Please tell me if you need some modification or if something is missing.
Thank you, Giga
Feb 2, 2021 7:13
#3 Bax_003 by pabloor
Please see attached renderings for my concept; screenshot of the SW model provided as well. If you are interested in more technical aspects of the design feel free to reach out. Materials information and other important aspects could be discussed after approval.
Feb 22, 2021 2:21
#4 Bax_001 by pabloor
Please see attached renderings for my concept; screenshot of the SW model provided as well. If you are interested in more technical aspects of the design feel free to reach out. Materials information and other important aspects could be discussed after approval.
Feb 22, 2021 2:53
#7 The Hexa by Panji Hakim
As the name implies, the Hexa, this cat litter box is inspired by the hexagon shape
Mar 2, 2021 2:18
#8 Cat litter box design by Biola
Here is my Cat box design submission, glad I could make it on time, other changes can be made of accepted, i hope you love it.
The wood pallet could be discussed on placement and positioning.
This was design to meet up with the time.
Thank you and stay safe and healthy.
Mar 3, 2021 8:34
#9 Cat litter box design by Biola
Kindly let me know if you need any other thing to be done, sorry for the late reply.
Mar 10, 2021 18:12


Panji Hakim


Thu, 18 Feb 2021 04:56:08 +0000
Do you want the box to be made of eco friendly materials or just for cat litter substrate? Thanks
Mon, 15 Feb 2021 13:13:17 +0000
Hi, thank you for hosting the contest. Could you help with list of few materials that you prefer we use for the box. Materials that you have access to and are eco friendly).




Mon, 15 Feb 2021 10:45:14 +0000
Hi, have you managed to come up with a design for me. Thanks



Wed, 03 Feb 2021 11:04:35 +0000
I have sent you a picture that I found on Amazon you can look at the video and get the idea I want but I want it to be able to use both crystal litter and wood pellet litter. Thanks
Wed, 03 Feb 2021 10:01:45 +0000
Can you please elaborate on what you want in your design, I could not understand what you meant by RAKE System?



Mon, 01 Feb 2021 12:21:58 +0000
Hello, it is interesting project, please change to prepaid and Blind.

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