Create a logo design for forestcub, a small business that sells baby products

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forestcub or ForestCub is a small business that sells baby feeding products soon but will add more baby products in the future such as swaddles, cotton bibs, etc. so they need a LOGO that will not just focus on baby feeding products but will work with whatever baby product they will sell.

The owners chose the name forestcub for their business because of the word "cub" pertains to baby bear/baby animal.

Leaning toward an abstract logo or word mark logo.
Logo inspirations: mushie (, copper pearl (

(1) Jpg
(2) Psd
(3) Ai
(4) Png
(5) Pdf
(6) Eps
1. Customer Focus - Will the logo appeal to our target customers; both current and future?
2. Relevancy - Does it reveal something about the nature of our company, service, or product? Is it descriptive? This doesn’t mean it has to be literal.
3. Distinctiveness - Does it create a strong and unique impression?
4. Memorability - Does it create a lasting impression?
5. Simplicity - Is it appropriately distilled, clean, and high-impact?
6. Timelessness - Does the logo have a long shelf life?
7. Adaptability - How well can this concept be applied in a variety of technical applications? Will it work in black-and-white (or screen printing, or embossing) as well as it does in color? Can it scale up effectively to billboard size? How about down to the side of a promotional pen?
8. Extendability/Versatility - Will it look look impressive across all online and offline platforms?
Don't Wants:
- Too tricky or too detailed and we risk losing our audience before they even get the message.
- Cliches - For example, a logo of a dentist has a tooth in it, then it is surely a cliched element.


#77 ForestCub Logo by YAWE DESIGN
Oct 13, 2020 17:51
#76 ForestCub Logo by YAWE DESIGN
Oct 13, 2020 17:51
#75 ForestCub Logo by YAWE DESIGN
Oct 13, 2020 17:24
#74 ForestCub Logo by YAWE DESIGN
Oct 13, 2020 17:22
#73 ForestCub - Natural baby-care products by Jitesh S.
Most of the guidelines and brief helped me and guided the design for this logo.
The nature part is depicted by Leaf in alphabet 'o' of the word 'Forest'.
And the connection with child-case is shown with feet placed in alphabet 'b' of latter word 'cub'
Alphabets were earlier hand drawn and later traced on grids using Arcs and Line tools in Illustrator. Hope you like it! :)
If you need adjustments with colors, I would be more than happy to help.
Oct 10, 2020 6:32
#72 Logo Design by UJan
Packaging example of how the submitted logo would look.
Looks great indeed!
Any modifications required, please do not hesitate to ask.
Oct 10, 2020 4:14
#71 Logo Design by UJan
Especially designed for baby products. Very simple and attractive.
Inspiration - mushie
Well taken care of all the attributes.
Customer Focus
If you require any changes or modifications please do let me know.
Oct 10, 2020 3:16
#70 FORESTCUB 2 by luisac
Hello mr.
i would like submit my second proposal.
In this case leaf are mixed with a newborn.
There are many combination, check your favourite, if you prefer some other font/logo combination let me know, i can modify it.
I can do the combinate image (business card, flyers, etc..) also in this case.
So, i look forward to hearing from you about it.
Best regards
Oct 9, 2020 17:05
#67 ForestCub logo 1 by luisac
Hello mr.
i would like submit my first logo proposal for yours business.
The idea was connect one of the main forest's elements with one example of the forest's animal, in this case a fox with its cub.
Inside the folder you can find the logo development (.ai) and a presentation (.pdf) all the files are editable.
If you need it, i am able to develop also all the coordinate image such as business card, flyers etc..
Let me know if you like it.
Oct 9, 2020 16:51
#61 Forestcub logo by atekd
Forestcub logo (all 6 type of files attach in zip)
Oct 9, 2020 16:18
#59 ForestCub-Logo-V4a by Architect Erton Lazeri
Oct 9, 2020 6:22
#58 ForestCub-Logo-V4 by Architect Erton Lazeri
Oct 9, 2020 6:22
#56 Forestcub logo by atekd
Forestcub logo a zip file with all the format attach.
Oct 8, 2020 16:32
#54 ForestCub-Logo-V3 by Architect Erton Lazeri
Oct 8, 2020 12:08
#52 Forest Cub Logo by Njenga
The logo aims to capture aiding parenthood as the core business of the company. The logo integrates F and C into a parent's loving embrace. An alternate angle reveals a hand holding a feeding bottle, a symbol of baby products. The logo is designed with gift branding, embroidery, printing and on-screen show in mind. Variants in white and black backgrounds are also availed.
Oct 8, 2020 10:59
#51 ForestCub-Logo-V2 by Architect Erton Lazeri
Oct 8, 2020 9:05
#50 ForestCub-Logo-V1 by Architect Erton Lazeri
Oct 8, 2020 9:00
#49 ForestCub by Joseph_Leffek
So, I had some fun.
Using Font Forge, I modified an existing editable Microsoft font, Microsoft-Yi-Baiti. The FontForge file is the "std" extension. Also, the changed font is output as version "ttf" and saved at C:\Windows\Fonts.
Characters are positioned and sized in Gimp. All graphic files generated with GIMP 2.10.20.
Letters lower case f, t, c, u, b were revised to create the picture of the forest holding a cub. My interpretation of your logo was the forest is the mother and the cub is the baby. So, the mother holds her baby with her arms. This is the forest, after all, it gives the animals their shelter and food. Also, the f and t were perfect to mimic the arms of the mother. The right-hand is the “f” and the left-hand is “t”. The arms are thicker because they are strong and protective like the bark of a tree. “cub” was converted to look like the face of a small cub. To improve the font, I would resize the all the letters “o”, ”r”, “e”, “s”, “t” so they were longer and the same size and appearance as the “f” and “t” but smooth like the b and c.
The text can be colored or highlighted using MS Word.
Oct 7, 2020 21:55
#47 ForestCub Logo presentation by YAWE DESIGN
Please see attached the latest design for the logo. Let me know if you want any changes or if you have any colour preferrences.
The final version of any logo uploaded by me will include the brand guidelines necessary for future uses of the logo (brochures, packaging, banner, etc.)
Oct 6, 2020 11:52
#46 Forest Cub Logo Design by muratozturk
I uploaded my design for your brand. I hope you like it.
Oct 1, 2020 16:29
#45 FORESTCLUB LOGO by tarini_prasad_nanda
Oct 1, 2020 5:03
#44 Forescub Desing by AlexanderVelez
I hope your opinion I leave you two designs that wadian fit in your company
Sep 30, 2020 19:01
#43 ForestCub Logo No. 7 by YAWE DESIGN
Let me know if you would like any changes.
Best regards.
Sep 30, 2020 14:46
#37 ForestCub Logo No. 6 by YAWE DESIGN
The logo is simple and abstract yet powerful and it represents the parents and the baby - together as a family.
Sep 21, 2020 14:45
#36 ForestCub logo by Dyrider works
Logo that matches the current competitors and Market leaders.
Sep 21, 2020 12:28
#35 Forest Cub Logo by paulm
Just an Idea... You can take it from here
Sep 21, 2020 12:15
#34 Forestcub logo by atekd
Forestcub logo
Sep 19, 2020 17:27
#33 ForestCub Logo - Design 2 by Leo_CAD
ForestCub Logo - Design 2
Sep 19, 2020 4:13
#32 Logo Forest Cub by stphaner
A simple submition
Sep 17, 2020 15:47
#31 ForestCub Logo - 1 by Leo_CAD
ForestCub Logo - 1
Sep 17, 2020 15:03
#30 Logo_Forest_Cub by aitchbansal
Design is simple and appealing as was said in description
Sep 17, 2020 2:42
#29 design model by haitham
check this design .. ready for your modifications.
Sep 16, 2020 14:31
Forestcub trademark logo!
Sep 15, 2020 4:34
#27 Forestcub logo by atekd
A zip file contains format (EPS, AI, PDF, PNG, PSD, JPG)
Sep 14, 2020 16:35


Mon, 14 Sep 2020 06:06:33 +0000
Do we have to send the design in all the above format or 1 of the above format will work?
Fri, 11 Sep 2020 02:53:56 +0000
Send as many designs/sample you want.



Fri, 11 Sep 2020 02:22:14 +0000
do we have to send only single logo or can we send 2-3 sample also for each
Thu, 10 Sep 2020 23:46:08 +0000
Thu, 10 Sep 2020 21:04:06 +0000
It seems you want a 2d logo design, is that correct?

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