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Hi all, thanks for checking out my contest! I am involved with a company that is looking to receive some entries for a "prototype" electric unicycle. If you aren't familiar let me give you a brief background. Remember the hoverboards last xmas?? The electric unicycle works on essentially the same principle (upside down pendulum theory) to achieve self balancing capability. The current offerings on the market just don't cut it, the plastics are basically thrown together around the requirements of a build, rather than incorporating the necessary components into the design for a smooth finish. I would like the final product to be somewhat futuristic/prototypish looking, maybe a bit sporty. You can get a feeling for whats out there by doing a google search for "electric unicycle". Integral to the design there are 3 requirements. 1.) Obviously the plastic fairing will need to have a cavity for the wheel, but in addition, it will need to subtly include a space for lipo batteries, (doesnt have to be in any particular shape however), and also must include spot for a pcb control board. Both of these items arent excessively large, the PCB is about 4X3 inches and the batteries are about 5X5X1 (but can be reconfigured). 2.) I would also like to incorporate into my design a headlight, and a tail light if possible, but most concerned with head light. Would also like to leave the option open to include small bluetooth speakers, however these would not take very much space at all. 3.) Finally, this design will need to have a retractable handle for balance when getting on/off.
The final concept will be evaluated on how well the designer(s) can incorporate my requirements into the overall finished product. Is it slapped together and designed around the requirements....or rather is it designed from the ground up to conveniently incorporate these added functions....that will be the question I ask when evaluating.*** bonus points if you can cleverly incorporate a "fox" into your design, but not required. If chosen to do so, it will need to be simplistic in order to replicate, but have good taste.
Don't Wants:
a copy of something currently available, with a few changes slapped together. I have included a 2D drawing that I made with the basic principle of what I am looking for, however please incorporate your own style, don't be constrained by my lack thereof.
Ask for Sample:
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#12 Unique Electric Unicycle by Prasanth-Designer
Sep 28, 2017 12:01
#10 electric unicycle by Saad Younas
Sep 26, 2017 17:36
#9 speaker added by DesignAssist
Sep 25, 2017 22:27
#8 UNICYCLE prototype by johrek
Sep 25, 2017 15:33
#6 Peg up view by DesignAssist
Sep 22, 2017 9:05
#2 Foxicycle by johannesvds
Sep 7, 2017 8:26
#1 Unicycle by REDA
Sep 2, 2017 17:47


Sat, 09 Sep 2017 00:58:15 +0000
hi massonhu
if u prepay this contest, then lots of designers would love to work on your project.i also have few ideas for this project.this is just my suggestion.
thank you
Thu, 31 Aug 2017 08:44:10 +0000

Just to be specific : you want a few renders of the new design? Just that or you want the SolidWorks file also?
What do you want us to submit : pdf, SolidWorks,etc...?
What is a "fox" could you also provide a picture or even a SolidWorks file of the "fox" please.
What size are the lipo batteries? Also SolidWorks file or atleast .PDF please
PCB Control panel also the same .PDF or SolidWorks if you can.
Thank you for your time

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