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We are interested in hiring someone who has experience or capability in creating CAD for footwear and footwear-related projects.
Strength /experience in CAD design with complex curves.
  1. SolidWorks


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We are looking for Pune based freelance experts in Solidworks & Creo to support our engineers on project basis.
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Sub 350mm Foldable, Modular Arm, Battery Pack, and Payload agnostic mounting point UAV. Frame design requires consideration of minimal to no tool required to field assemble. If tools are required, fasteners etc must revolve around capacity of regular multi tool. Design should also approach sub 2 minute field assembly, in a zero lighting environment. Design should be based on additive manufacturing capabilities with carbon fiber as the preferred material for production.
Bamboo Prep Station
Hi! We would like to ask you for your help to create a new kitchen prep station product for the market that will be made out of bamboo. Technical skill or experience with these elements would be helpful. We are looking for a high-quality design with optimum functionality. Use this guide to design a product that is unique, hyper-functional, and pleasing to look at. After the design contest, we want to validate our concept and bring the product to market! Deliverables. All CAD drawings showing everything. Please provide full dimensions for each side/element of the design. Also, provide images showing clearly each side of the unit (top, bottom, front, back, sides. 3D files as well. And static images of all the different angles sent separately. Requirements: 1. We are looking for a very specific product. You can choose to use our EXACT details on HOW we would do it and provide the final details to make it work perfectly (and look nice, consider costs, etc). Possibly adding in some small changes or improvements. This is highly desirable to us. We like the current idea but need it fleshed out and the “Look/Details” finalized. See the description on what we were thinking. 2. You can also choose to make a more unique product based on the ideas presented. This could work but it will be more difficult to do exactly what we want. 3. The product must include a cutting board, food scale, food disposal area for items chopped on cutting board, and containers to put the food in. The idea of measuring the food is also good. Extra “cutting parts/blades” not really desired. We like the idea of an efficient cutting board where you use a knife. Please see the bottom on the specifics of the products we like and why. 4. Size: Flexible. Kitchen product. We recommend a cutting board of around 16 inches long and about 10 inches wide. This is a good starting point. The rest of the details please consider making the different elements big enough but also consider the costs as well. It should be an efficient/space saving product. Easy to be out of the way and not too bulky. 5. The item has to come FULLY Assembled. 6. The more versatility and uniqueness this product has the better. But simplicity, cost in manufacturing and shipping are also very important. 7. Material: Needs to be made of bamboo. All bamboo is ideal and recommended. Some metal and/or glass can also be included. No plastic except perhaps for the scale. 8. High quality and durability a priority. Materials that don’t crack or warp, etc. 9. MORE function is desired. Versatility and function is a huge part of our brand. More STORAGE space or ways to store. 10. It should look aesthetically pleasing in its design. People should look at it and go “that’s nice!”. 11. The deliverables should include full design in multiple angles for CAD drawings. As well as static images of all angles plus 3D files. See our attached file for Specifics.
Asset Protection System
Help design creative concepts for a universal industrial asset protection system which consists of (1) sensor units, (2) an alarm HUB, and (3) automatic control unit(s). The overall concept is to have a retrofit system which can (1) sense hazards, (2) alert operators, and (3) have the capability to issue a automatic response to ensure operator and asset protection in industrial settings. Component Descriptions: 1. Sensors: should be small (approximately 5x5cm) thin, contain a solar panel, electronics, and durable enough to take a beating. They will be placed on the exterior of vehicles, or around an industrial work plant. Construction should be something similar to bullet-proof glass as to be durable, but transparent for the solar panel to function. Please choose an athletic design while keeping manufacturability in mind. Please focus a little the sensor mounting options, for example: a nice base-plate the sensor could attach to and possibly be easily removed for replacement. Open to creative designs outside these specifications. 2. Alarm HUB: Combine the following into one product: “Emergency Hazard Warning Beacon” + “Google Nest Thermostat” + “Wifi Router” + “DJI Mavic Air 2 Controller.” If that doesn’t make sense, read on. The Alarm HUB will connect to the sensors and provide visible and audible warning if any dangers are detected. Target dimensions should be relatively small around 15x15x4cm, but still be visible as a warning light in an industrial setting. First it should resemble an Emergency Hazard Warning Beacon similar to an emergency light bar on a police car or fire-truck. Secondly it should be aesthetic like a fancy like the Google Nest thermostat, or a wifi-router or something of this sort as it will be placed in multiple places like on the dash of a car, on the exterior of the car, mounted near the control systems for a industrial plant, or mounted vertically on the industrial plant wall next to some equipment. It should include a simple interface with a few buttons and a small LCD screen. Thirdly, most importantly the alarm HUB MUST have a built-in clamp for holding a smart-phone as the system will be enabled for use with phones or tablets to act as the screen. Use the DJI Mavic Air 2 controller for design inspiration for the phone holder clamp. Additionally the phone holder clamp should be able to accept a tablet-holder system so a tablet can be used. Again, reference drone controller tablet holder designs as there are multiple examples. 3. Automatic-Control-Unit: will be a way for the asset protection system to automatically respond to a detected threat. For example, a system which is plugged into an outlet may be plugged into a outlet-style automatic-response-unit so that the device can be shut down if a threat is sensed by the system. Get creative here and propose a few different form factors for possible automatic-control-units. Please reference the attached Word Doc. For further documentation.
Hi all, thanks for checking out my contest! I am involved with a company that is looking to receive some entries for a "prototype" electric unicycle. If you aren't familiar let me give you a brief background. Remember the hoverboards last xmas?? The electric unicycle works on essentially the same principle (upside down pendulum theory) to achieve self balancing capability. The current offerings on the market just don't cut it, the plastics are basically thrown together around the requirements of a build, rather than incorporating the necessary components into the design for a smooth finish. I would like the final product to be somewhat futuristic/prototypish looking, maybe a bit sporty. You can get a feeling for whats out there by doing a google search for "electric unicycle". Integral to the design there are 3 requirements. 1.) Obviously the plastic fairing will need to have a cavity for the wheel, but in addition, it will need to subtly include a space for lipo batteries, (doesnt have to be in any particular shape however), and also must include spot for a pcb control board. Both of these items arent excessively large, the PCB is about 4X3 inches and the batteries are about 5X5X1 (but can be reconfigured). 2.) I would also like to incorporate into my design a headlight, and a tail light if possible, but most concerned with head light. Would also like to leave the option open to include small bluetooth speakers, however these would not take very much space at all. 3.) Finally, this design will need to have a retractable handle for balance when getting on/off.