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Project Description

We need to render an animated 3D Data Visualization model of our company, it’s subsidiaries and the relationship it has with our clients and strategic partners. The 3D Data Visualization asset will be used on our marketing website and electronic marketing material (e.g. PowerPoint, eBrochures etc.). 3D Data Visualization model will continue to be updated as we increase our customers and expand our strategic alliances. Whatever approach is taken, we need to make sure that the data can be updated at anytime. Underlying data used by the model can be in any format, such as a database or text file (e.g. csv).

Examples of 3D Animated Data Visualization we’re interested in are best represented by these two examples:


We need the visualization to be interactive where the user can select a node, which could be our company, a subsidiary, client or strategic partner and obtain more information about the organization. Images for nodes can be the company logo or static graphic.

The final output must be innovative in design, appearance and functionality on a website.

Data Sample:

Our Company
|-> Subsidiary A
|-> Subsidiary B
|-> Client A
|->> Client A - Subsidiary A
|->> Client A - Subsidiary B
|->> Client A - Subsidiary C
|-> Client B
|->> Client B - Subsidiary A
|->> Client B - Subsidiary B
|-> Strategic Partner A
|-> Strategic Partner B

Skills: 3D Data Visualization, 3D Animation for the Web

Deliverables: 3D Interactive Data Visualization for the Web and for use in other collateral. Must be multi-browser and tablet friendly.
1. Ease of use - must be intuitive as shown in the examples.
2. Need two digital outputs -
2a. one for the web, which must be multi-browser friendly and mobile device friendly (must work on browsers in smartphones and tablets)
2b. another for use on display monitors or screens at conferences and booths.

3. Must be able to update content as new divisions or clients are brought on.

4. Functionality - users must be able to interact with the animated model and get information about the node they click on. In the absence of user interaction, it should be have a default animation sequence.

5. Look and feel

6. Doesn't impact performance of the web site- i.e. must be light.
Don't Wants:
1. Anything that the user cannot interact with.
2. Works only on a single browser.
3. 3D model where the underlying data cannot be updated.
4. Impact performance of the website
Ask for Sample:
I would like a sample of 3D interactive visualizations if you have.
  1. HTML5
  2. JavaScript
  3. Flash (if mobile friendly)
  4. Others


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