Classroom Safety with 3D Product Designs, 3D Printing Technology & DIY Parts

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Back to school is looking a lot different this year due to the Coronavirus outbreak. While some students are continuing their online studies, others are heading back to the classroom. It’s essential that we do everything in our power to protect kids going back to school in the Fall.

Cad Crowd has run a successful COVID-19 Classroom Safety and 3D Product Design Challenge emphasizing open-source designs that will slow the spread of the virus in the classroom environment.

The entries can be 3D printed wherever you are in the world. The files are available to anyone, anywhere. After all, a global problem calls for a global solution.

We’ve chosen our winners for the design challenge and the contest has concluded.

Winners of the Cad Crowd COVID-19 Classroom Safety Design Challenge

There were over 90 entries, but we narrowed it down to the top five. Let’s take a look.

1st Winner – Folding Shield by supra77

Folding shield 01a by supra77

The folding shield is our first-place winner. It’s a portable folding shield you can easily install on any workspace. Easy to assemble and manufacture, plus being cost-efficient, made it a clear winner.

2nd Winner – COVID Desk by atekd

covid_desk by atekd of Cad Crowd

The COVID desk is another quality design made for the classroom. Made with 5mm acrylic, the side-wall can slide and lock, creating an enclosed space for each desk.

3rd Winner – Roller Shield by CJOY

Roller Shield by CjOY of Cad Crowd

Another super cost-efficient method of staying safe, the roller shield is just that, a simple plastic sheet roller that can be attached onto anything. Simply pull the sheet out and you have your barrier.

4th Winner – COVID-19 Classroom Desk Attachment by Saurabhverma

covid desk attachment
COVID Desk UV Attachment by Saurabhverma of Cad Crowd

A desk attachment made to encourage safe usage of public desks. You can attach it to any table, pull out the transparent sheet to cover the surface, and attach it to the other side for an all-encompassing safety measure. There’s also a built-in UV light to disinfect the table.

5th Winner – Bracket for Mobile Barrier by Insan Gunawan

Bracket For Mobile Barrier by Insan Gunawan of Cad Crowd

This is a mobile barrier that can be wheeled room-to-room to create barriers just about anywhere. In schools, you can use the barrier to encourage social distancing in the library, classroom, hallway, and everywhere else.

Honorary Mentions

While these designs didn’t take home the prize, they’re more than worth mentioning.

COVID-19 Desk Sanitizer by AX.Design.PDX

COVID 19- Safe Classroom Design by AX.Design.PDX of Cad Crowd

Utilizing off-the-shelf components, this set-up mounts an alcohol cleaning solution dispenser, a tissue holder, and a waste basket to a desk. Ideally, it would be connected to WIFI so the instructor could dispense the solution at the appropriate time.

Protection Barrier by Ivan Zerpa

Protection barrier against COVID-19 by Ivan Zerpa of Cad Crowd

Consisting of a single piece of acrylic, the protective barrier can be placed on a desk to minimize contact between students and staff.

Cad Crowd’s Network of Freelancers against COVID-19

Crowdsourcing allows individuals and freelancers around the world to share ideas, collaborate, and ultimately come up with solutions to combat COVID-19.

All of the designs submitted for this contest are open-source. You can download any of the designs to print locally or to customize. For even more downloadable models, check out our 3D model library.