5 Cool Invention Ideas from the Cad Crowd Community

virtual reality video game device

Cad Crowd is a creative hub. Between the design contests and the designer portfolio showcase, we get to see all kinds of innovative product concepts and new invention ideas. And of course, there’s always more going on behind the scene with private projects, too! We thought we’d share a few of the cool creative projects we’ve seen recently. Maybe it will help get your creative juices flowing, or give you insight on your own design project!

1. Medical Space Ship Drone Attachment 3D Printing Design by Cad Geek

medical drone invention ideas

Drones are really starting to take off. Ha! The concept of using drones for deliveries certainly isn’t new, with major companies like Amazon working to integrate the little robotic flyers into their delivery system. These super cute looking things take the idea in a bit of a different direction: using drones to deliver medical supplies in emergency rescue situations! The idea is to use the drones to reach people that might be stuck in a difficult to access location in order to provide them with emergency medical supplies while they wait for rescuers to arrive.


2. SeaQuestor Flyer Product Design by Muhammad Aslam al Hindi

submarine design cool inventions

First of all, SeaQuestor is a pretty clever name for a submarine, and that deserves to be acknowledged. The concept with this invention idea is to provide a way for two people to go on an underwater tour together, to a depth of 1000 feet. Though this magnificent voyage would surely not be for the claustrophobic.

3. Virtual Reality Headset Stand Product Design by Indrawan

virtual reality video game device

Virtual reality headsets are another emerging technology that is going to have an increasingly significant impact moving forward. But how are you going to store that sweet new VR toy? How about on a sweet looking androidy mannequin head? It will hold your devices and add a certain futuristic aesthetic to your game room, too. Plus it will freak out your visitors. A great conversation piece that’s also functional!

4. Vector Three Wheeled Vehicle Product Design by BMKDESIGN

Innovative vehicle design

The Vector is an innovative vehicle design intended for heavily populated areas ill-suited for large, bulky vehicles. Sleek, modern, and just the right amount of sinister, this thing sets itself apart from many of the alternative vehicle designs you see. Who says tricycles can’t be cool? A creative design for people who want to own their own vehicle in heavily populated urban environments.

5. GPS Pet Tracker Product Design by Jan Sunaryanto

pet tracking gps device

Losing a pet is an extremely stressful experience. While having a tag on their collar and/or a microchip can greatly improve the chances that your lost pet will be returned to you, wouldn’t it be so much better if you could just go find them yourself? That’s the promise of this GPS pet tracking device. Designed to be worn around your pet’s collar, this smart invention would allow you to be more proactive in reuniting with your lost pet.


Of course, these are just some of the amazing new invention ideas and product concepts that we see on Cad Crow every day! We offer a complete array of design services for inventor, ranging from 3D modeling to packaging design. Cad Crowd is your one-stop-shop for CAD design and product development services. Find out more!