Another 5 New 3D CAD Design Projects from the Cad Crowd Gallery

bike trailer

It’s time again for another recap of some of the top-notch design work recently shared on the Cad Crowd 3D model library. Our talented designers are always at work uploading their 3D modeling and CAD design work. Take a look!

1. Experimental High Power Go Kart Chassis Engineering Design by Dimitrios Ntritsos

go kart engineering design

How many times have you wondered what the chassis of a high powered go-kart looked like? Well, now you know! You can tell by looking at it that this ain’t the chassis for no low powered go-kart!

2. Pigment Glass 3D Modeling Design by Rufus Edmondson

pigment glass materials test

3D modeling is useful for all kinds of applications aside from product design. Here’s an impressive example of a materials test showing pigments in water. Absolutely beautiful. The water seems like a ribbon of glass. Where art meets technology! The beauty of CAD software.

3. Ducati Espresso Machine Product Design by MOTOVIGLIONE

ducati espresso machine product design

Ducati is probably more famous for their high-end sports bikes than they are for their luxury coffee machines, but hey! Diversification is good for business, right? Besides, who wouldn’t want a hot and fast shot of coffee from the Italian stallion, Ducati? It kinda even looks bike-ish!

4. Crankshaft 3D Modeling Design by Wongskie Works

crankshaft cad designWe’ve mentioned before in this blog how awesome 3D renderings can make the seemingly most mundane objects seem like gorgeous works of art. Which they might actually be, we just tend not to notice it in our daily lives! This crankshaft looks like something you might find on a pedestal at the museum of modern art.

5. Bike Trailer 3D Modeling Design by Cad Geek

bike trailer 3d modeling design

This is one funky bike trailer. Notice the insert with seating for little ones. The whole thing is designed superbly. The box containing the seats can be removed for towing non-human cargo, and the entire thing collapses down flat for storage. Personally, though, my favorite part is the blue accents. Would sure look slick with a matching black and blue bike!

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