3D Logo Design Costs, Services Rates and Prices for Freelance Design Services


Every company needs an excellent 3D logo design that is part of the brand and represents the business’ core identity. A 3D logo will elevate and bring a brand to life. Alternatively, a poorly-designed logo tells people to stay away because it may come across as lacking expertise and seriousness.

Every detail of the 3D logo design, including the colors, sizes, shapes, and typeface, leaves a lasting impression on customers. A unique 3D logo doesn’t just happen; it results from lengthy market research, an in-depth understanding of the company’s visions, and creative CGI skills employed by Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI) experts.

A 3D logo should be a product of critical thinking combined with a meticulous design exploration to pack an entire company’s story into a single dense image. Whether the 3D logo design is simple or complex, it always carries a mission to convey and deliver a positive message to the viewer. A 3D logo, given the tricky requirements, is not usually cheap.

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3D logo design cost

Like all creative services, a 3D logo design costs from zero to thousands of dollars, depending on whom you hire. A $300 to $2,500 budget is ideal for many small and midsize businesses. Anything beyond that is best reserved for established companies with much more substantial financial power and a large customer base (i.e., global or international scale).

The following table gives a good idea of the average price range based on the designer and the expected quality:

PriceWho Does ItExpected QualityTypical Clients
$0 – $50Online logo maker toolGeneric logo with stock graphics. Quick turnaround time.Budget-conscious startups
$50 – $300DIY approach with premium softwareBasic and unrefined, yet potentially unique 3D logo design with personal touches. Small businesses that need to save money for marketing
$300 – $800Freelancers with short portfoliosPromising design after multiple revisions. Turnaround time might be long.Small and midsize businesses that understand the design process but can afford long turnaround time. 
$800 – $2,500Experienced freelancers or design contestProfessional-grade 3D logo with unique details.Midsize businesses on the way to expand the target market
$2,500+Graphics design agencyTurnkey service with a guaranteed high-quality authentic logo.Well-funded companies in need of assurance of ROI

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Online logo maker

The most affordable option is to use an automated logo generator tool. Numerous online tools can help you make a 3D logo free of charge. Once completed, you can download and use the logo for your company. Remember that some logo generators require you to pay for the finished logo or attribute specific components (icons or typeface) to the original creators. In other words, you can use the tool as you like, but you must pay for the logo you create yourself.

The alternative is to use only public-domain files, which means the 2D or 3D logo lacks uniqueness and authenticity. You may be unable to download the logo in the file format and resolution you need. 

Creating a unique logo for $50 to $300 is possible if you are familiar with CAD software. Some CAD programs are free and open-source but may not have the most functional interface for 3D logo-building purposes. If you decide to go down the route and are confident with your graphic design skills, you may produce a good quality or usable logo. Alternatively, you can use 3D CAD drafting and design services for a professionally crafted logo. You may also spend a chunk of money to purchase premium templates; premium 3D logo design files are not cheap. 

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3D logo designer – freelancer route

The sweet spot for 3D logo design is the mid-range budget of $300 to $2,500. It is where you move up a step higher from the DIY approach and consider hiring a 3D logo design expert. At the bottom of the range, your option will be limited to new or inexperienced independent logo designers. Your chances of getting a high-quality logo are improved as you hit a $1,000 budget with a design contest.

Not all freelancers are mediocre or produce only poor-quality deliverables. Freelance 3D logo designers come with a wide range of experience levels and a broad spectrum of quality and cost. The 3D logo designer’s experience and skill set are reflected in their portfolio, price, or quote.

You will likely get a higher quote from a reputable designer than a beginner. Sometimes, you can even get a great deal from a new designer trying to penetrate the market with low-cost services. Of course, the safest bet is to hire a freelance 3D logo designer with a proven track record and verifiable reviews from previous clients.

With a budget of $400 to $800, you should expect to hire an experienced freelancer. If you know what the 3D logo should be, understand the freelance design process (feedback and revisions), and take time to analyze all the details, working with a 3D logo freelancer can be a great money-saving experience. If going back and forth about deliverables is too much of a hassle, you will need to spend a little more, up to $1,000.

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Design contest

Anything above the thousand dollar mark can afford a 3D logo design contest. It is an excellent option to get various designs without spending too much on individual logos. Since you don’t have to pay for every entry, you will be presented with dozens of unique ideas at the price of one 3D logo. Another benefit is that you determine the turnaround time. A 3D logo design contest typically takes a week or two to complete. 

Like most design contests, the money rewards the winner (the design you choose) at the end of the process. Higher prize money will attract more designers, including those with expertise in 3D rendering services, and a monetary reward of $2,000 will draw interest from experienced 3D logo designers.

However, it is good to keep the expectations in check. Some participants might take part only to practice their skills, which means the submitted logos might be subpar. It is just the nature of a design contest. To increase the likelihood of getting good designs, have the contest managed by a reputable freelancing platform. You may have to deposit the money in advance, but you get complete customer service to ensure everything goes as planned.

For example, the platform can keep the contest “limited” only to qualified, experienced designers and help you write the project brief. Such a method prevents too many participants from submitting poor logo designs, and it is about quality rather than quantity. At the same time, the platform guarantees enough designers to participate in the contest, so you have a good range of options.


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3D logo design companies

If you are willing to pay a premium price for a logo design, around $5,000 or more, you should get more value from the service. Whether you hire freelancers or 3D logo design companies, the technical design process is essentially the same across the board, and a massive price difference comes from the research task.

A professional design firm works like a branding agency. Before the technical CAD drawing starts, the firm conducts thorough market research and competitor analysis. The primary purpose is to ensure that your 3D logo design (and the brand) can positively stand out from the crowd. The logo must be distinct enough to separate you but remain recognizable in the niche.

Customization is a significant aspect of the deal, and you can discuss the 3D logo design specification at length and be involved in the decision-making process throughout the project. As part of this process, you can thoroughly examine the specifications for the 3D logo design with the creative team, including CAD drawing services experts. Furthermore, you can remain actively involved in the decision-making process at each project stage to ensure the final product aligns with your vision.

3D logo design process

Regardless of whom you hire, the typical 3D logo design process follows the same steps:

  1. Brand evaluation: some clients need help aligning their companies’ stories with the potential 3D logo designs. A professional 3D logo designer will study the company’s history and product lines before deciding on the design direction.
  1. Industry and market research: the company’s 3D logo design competitiveness will also be analyzed, in addition to research on the target consumers. The designer inspects your competitors’ 3D logos and compiles a report on their effectiveness or market performance. The research includes a detailed study of overused (and unexplored) colors, techniques, and shapes. The 3D logo design expert can create a unique 3D logo appearance based on the analysis to help your company shine.
  1. 2D and 3D logo platforms: a simple list of 2D and 3D logo platforms where you need to use the 2D or 3D logo may include product packaging, business cards, billboard, social media, TVs, magazines, and brochures. Each platform requires a different resolution or format for optimum effects.
  1. 2D and 3D logo concept sketches: You can ask for simple 2D and 3D logo concept sketches at the beginning of the project. The step works well if you hire a freelancer or a 3D logo design company. You may have to skip the stage in a design contest. The sketches are early design options only. 
  1. Digital drafts: the logo you choose from the sketches is developed into a digital version, and it is the step where the actual 3D logo design work begins.
  1. Revisions and refinements: a preliminary logo is sent as the first deliverable. The 3D logo designer needs your feedback to improve or refine the 3D logo. 
  1. Delivery in vector format: most 2D and 3D logos are made and saved in vector graphics format.

3D company logo design is not the most difficult CAD task, and the most intensive part of the job happens between the initial concept design and final delivery. 


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Designing an outstanding 3D logo for a company involves a dynamic process requiring creativity and strategy. However, the cost associated with achieving such a logo can vary widely, with prices that span from no cost at all to several thousand dollars. At the heart of every 3D logo design lies a representation of the brand’s essence, which captivates customers and creates a memorable experience.

The journey to a successful logo design involves meticulous market research, a deep comprehension of the company’s guiding principles, and CAD design experts‘ deft application of CAD techniques. For many small and midsize businesses, an investment of $300 to $2,500 is a sweet spot for capturing their brand’s identity in a 3D company logo. Meanwhile, larger enterprises with an international presence may explore premium options to elevate their brand’s global impact.

Inexpensive 3D logo design options include an online logo maker tool or a do-it-yourself approach with premium CAD software. Hiring experienced logo and brand experts or design agencies offer more professional-grade results. In contrast, design contests provide the opportunity to receive multiple 3D logo design options from various designers for a set prize amount. An extensive 3D logo design process, including brand evaluation, market research, concept sketches, digital drafts, and revisions, is involved in creating the final 3D logo.

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