Precast Panel Detailing Project by CAD Outsourcing

CAD Outsourcing Services is a design-oriented, Precast Detailing Service provider that specializes in CAD. Our team of expert professionals has huge experience and knowledge to deliver complete precast detailing services of a given CAD project. We are outsourcing our Precast Panel Detailing Services around the world and creating a global niche in CAD regards to construction, engineering, and architecture expertise. Precast panel detailing is a concrete panel that is shaped in a reusable mold which passes the quality test in a controlled factory environment. CAD Outsourcing Services is the premium provider of Precast panel detailing that is available to the contractors, erectors, engineers, detailers, architects, and builders. We do the precast detailing efficiently to minimize the construction cost. Our Precast panel drawings include : - Cladding or curtain walls panel detailing drawings - Shear walls panel detailing drawings - Load-bearing wall units panel detailing drawings - Formwork for cast-in-place concrete panel detailing drawings Our Precast panel experts and detailer have years of experience to utilize their valuable skill and expertise which fairly reflect in our end result of every project. We use the advanced AutoCAD technology that provides a high-quality Precast Panel Detailing Drawing Solutions. We Follow the Given Steps While Preparing Precast Drawings : - Preparation of Erection Drawings - Analysis and Design using PCI and other codes of practices - Design of Connections and Handling Systems of the Precast Panels - Preparation of Shop Tickets including BOM To discuss your Precast Panel Detailing requirements with our experts, contact us today at
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Published 4 months ago
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