Martin Kim
Global rank:
11,844 / 30,809
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It is a great pleasure to have this opportunity to introduce myself to you.
I have good knowledge about the Automotives, Electronics industry and the workflow of manufacturing through wide experience.
Since I have worked for a Korea Car manufacturing company and an electronics company as a design engineer, I have been in charge of Exterior design part and BIW(Body In White) and Interior parts and Power Train parts like Cylinder head participating in various programs So I can tell you that I have many experiences from Package study to mass production.
Since I have many opportunities to be involved to various Programs, I am well aware of the layout of Automotive.
I also have many exprerices in designing electronic product like vacuum cleaner, PC Monitor etc.
I am highly skillful in using 3D CAD as I have been using it for more than 14 years and other reverse design tool like Rapidform, Imageware.
Please do not hesitate to call me if you should have any question. I will be looking forward to hearing from you.
- Designed and developed Power Train Cylinder head
- Designed Exterior parts in detail for high quality product and create GD&T drawings
- Feasibility studying for Style skin
- Developing Exterior parts (Bumper fascia, Grille etc) Mt’g concept to counterparts
- Designed assembly concept for exterior parts and other related part
- Developed typical sections, criteria for ECE R42, FMVSS 581, IIHS, RCAR
- Studied mounting concept to count parts.
- Studied to develop improved quality impact beam for crash tests
- Studied to develop body front rail
- Evaluated production suitability of exterior parts (bumper fascia, grille, etc.) for vehicle style
- Bumper fascia assembly initial model design for all exterior parts

- Reverse design for damaged mould of automotive hood parts
- 3D scan and convert into 3D design data based on the 3D scanned data
- Reverse design using 3D scanning data as the reference for vacuum cleaner styling
- Constructed 3D design data of existing mechanical parts (piston head, sheet metal product, etc.)

- Designed refrigerator in an Korean electronics company
- Designed and created skin for vacuum cleaner
- Designed PC Monitor and skin modeling
- Designed and developed Compressor.
- Optic glass modeling

- Designed progressive press die for electronic parts
Specialized skill Mechanical industrial design using 3D graphic technology such as 3D CAD tools, 3D scanning and reverse engineering