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i have 15 year piping stress analysis . handling many critical equipment line line boiler converter etc


  • Piping Designer / Piping stress engineer xyz company · Full-time Jan 2022 – Present 2 yrs 1 mos Vadodara, GJ, India CAESAR ii modelling for piping systems.
    Evaluate pipe flexibility and stress analysis.
    Measure the effects of support settlement, safety relief valves, seismic loads, thermal cycle loads and wind.
    Select proper springs for necessary support.
    Analysis capabilities for Jacketed Piping system, FRP Piping system, Expansion joints piping system etc.
    Analysis capabilities the considering the effects of the modular design and transit phase, static & differential structural deflections associated with fabrication, lift, transit and site installation.
    Evaluate Stress, Displacement, Forces and moments on restraints for support design and Evaluate piping loads with in allowable allowable nozzle loads.
    Nozzle Flexibilities (WRC) and Stresses.
    Flange Leak Check.
    Dynamic analysis capabilities including modal, harmonic and response spectrum analysis.
    Data sheet preparation for Expansion joints, spring hanger data sheet and updating the Pipe support standards
    Stress analysis report preparation.
    Knowledge of piping codes and standards like ASME, API, IBR etc.

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