Joseph Duff
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8,049 / 18,073
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Infrastructure Technical Specialist

I am Joseph Duff, a surveyor at heart with a mind for civil engineering. I am an applications engineer for an Autodesk reseller here in North Little Rock, Arkansas (ATG USA, Inc). I provide technical assistance, pre-sales technical proof, business process analysis, software training and implementation, product demonstration, and other technical business services to civil engineering firms, heavy highway construction, and land surveying companies who fall under the broad umbrella of the civil/infrastructure industry.

I do not know anything about coding, though. My expertise is within the industry itself. Therefore, just knowing the software has never been enough. I also have 10 years of real-world and hands-on industry experience in transportation engineering, civil site design, residential development, and boundary and construction surveying and layout.

I love it! It is not hard for me to find enjoyment from this current project (job) because I get to travel, connect and network with a lot of new people and companies, and the work environment is ridiculously laid back, fun, and nerdy. I could see myself retiring doing thing.