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After graduating from the Tashkent institute of textile and light industry I started working as a fashion pattern maker and dressmaker, and tailor of women clothing at the fashion atelier in the center of the Tashkent city, after couple of years, I started making patterns for women clothing lines professionally for textile manufacturers in my country and from neighbour countries, also for Europe. I now own my licensed Gemini cad software for making patterns, grading and nesting. I have more than ten years of experience in making patterns, and five years of experience in working with Gemini cad system, and ten years of experience in Corel Draw for making technical drawings. I make patterns and grade them using Gemini Cad system in mtm mode with formulas and engineering method for accurate results. I developed size grading skills to meet worldwide standarts and worked years to make my own measurements table in which I made different charts for european, american and asian sizes. A brief measurement table is one of the important parts of garment industry. As a result of that now I can make any kind of women clothes patterns based only on a sketch provided by a client.
l also own my licensed Gemini nesting module for nesting patterns to provide accurate information about fabric consumption to make any kind of clothing line which saves time and money.
I think a good career as a freelancer is a result of expertise and good attitude. Responsibility, honesty, tolerance and respect, not hesitating giving questions, and professional approach. Making plans and working with schedule.

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  • Apparel pattern maker, dress maker Elite Atelier · Full-time Oct 2013 – Oct 2016 3 yrs Tashkent, Tashkent Region, Uzbekistan

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