I am a Product and Mechanical Designer. Much of my career is involved in computer aided design of components for the aerospace, transportation and medical device industries. I am also a US Navy veteran.
While working at United Launch Alliance (ULA) I supplied 3D CAD models from the engineering group to the tooling supplier enabling concurrent design of manufacturing tooling. I also supported the ordnance group by designing a stage separation component test stand.
I have also designed more than 450 FAA certified components for the Adam A500 aircraft. I find that wherever I have worked, I bring three key strengths to the table: CAD expertise, component design and invariably I have gained a reputation as the GoTo guy to support high value projects.
I have a passion for designing products that are making a positive impact on the environment. On my personal time I have designed concepts for Smoker, furniture and environmentally friendly lawn and garden power equipment.

I am looking for a position that uses my skills, experiences and passion for product design to support your engineering group.


  • Owner MWR Product Design · Self-employed Jan 2010 – Present 11 yrs 5 mos Castle Rock, CO, United States Product Design Consultant
    CAD Software: AutoDesk Fusion 360, Siemens NX 4.0
    Responsible for assisting companies develop products, provide 3D CAD services and transition from 2D CAD to 3D CAD.
    Created 3D CAD model concepts for an automated duel router & drill tool for flatbed semi-trailers manufacture.
  • Mechanical Designer Syncroness at United Launch Alliance · Contact Sep 2017 – Dec 2019 2 yrs 3 mos Centennial, CO, United States CAD Software: Siemens NX 11.0 – Siemens Team Center 11.0

    Centaur V Second Stage Program:
    Managing and liaising with tooling suppler during tooling design.
    Create pre-release, synthetic 3D assembly models of Second Stage fuel and oxidizer tanks manufacturing based 3D assembly models in advance of tooling design.
    Prepare and present presentations for Technical Design Meetings (TDM) & Tabletop Reviews (TTR).
    Lead WebEx meeting to update tool design team members.
    Created manufacturing drawings for major tank parts.
    Designed the upper stage separation system test apparatus.
    Assisted manufacturing group with synthetic drawings and 3D models to aid in manufacturing.
    Assisted engineers with flight and test parts and assemblies.
    Assisted manufacturing group solving problems with tool installation and operations.
    Traveled to Decatur Manufacturing plant and tool supplier for tooling coordination meetings.

    Vulcan Booster Program:
    Responsible for creating secondary systems commodity brackets.
    Prepare 3D CAD models for Model Based Design (MBD) 3D PDF documentation.
  • Associate Designer Altec Industries · Full-time May 2015 – Jun 2017 2 yrs 1 mos Birmingham, AL, United States Responsible for designing utility truck bodies, flatbed platforms, storage boxes. Working with manufacturing and quality leads and workers to solve issues in fabricating products.
    CAD Software: Solidworks 2015 – Siemens Team Center 9.0
    Create 3D CAD models, 2D CAD drawings.
    Used Siemens Team Center PLM software to manage and communicate with production control, sales and marketing teams.
    Worked with manufacturing and quality personnel to solve manufacturing issues.
  • Product Designer Fontaine Engineered Products · Full-time Jun 2009 – Mar 2015 5 yrs 9 mos Jasper, AL, United States Multiple Roles:
    (hidden)/(hidden) – (hidden)/(hidden), Product Designer, Direct Hire
    Responsible for creating 3D CAD models, detail drawings & working with suppliers.
    CAD Software: Siemens NX 8.0 thru NX 9.0
    Designed friction stir welder ancillary equipment, side rail friction stir welder, deck trim router,
    Designed custom customer specific flatbed semi-trailer accessories and shop test fixtures and equipment.
    Designed intermodal equipment i.e. intermodal chassis, refrigerated container.

    (hidden)/(hidden) – (hidden)/(hidden), Manufacturing Engineering Consultant, Contractor
    Responsible for designing weld setup fixture for intermodal flat deck equipment.
    Designed a welding setup fixture for an intermodal flat-deck transport platform, saving setup time and increasing weld quality.
    Worked with outside suppliers to order components.
    Worked with welders and assemblies to successful complete project.
    Provided construction equipment illustrations for contract engineer to complete government bid documentation.
    Worked with R&D department to put friction stir welder project back on schedule by providing 3D CAD models and 2D Drawings.

    (hidden)/(hidden) – (hidden)/(hidden), Manufacturing Engineering Consultant, Contractor
    Responsible for providing manufacturing data package for military flatbed semi-trailer.
    Produced manufacturing data packages, per US Army specifications, for a new military flatbed semi-trailer that resulted in a 30% decrease in structure setup time and 40% improvements in weld quality.
    Designed secondary drill fixtures to back up primary CNC drill operation.

    (hidden)/(hidden) – (hidden)/(hidden), Quality Engineering Consultant, (On assignment from Daxcon Engineering)
    Responsible for providing quality documentation.
    Identified quality gaps for a complex military trailer, increasing quality and manufacturability and restoring confidence with the prime contractor, keeping a multimillion-dollar contract intact.
    Created root cause and corrective action reports to correct quality deficiencies in weld quality.
  • Project Engineer Daxcon Engineering · Full-time Jun 2008 – Sep 2009 1 yrs 3 mos Peoria, IL, United States Multiple Roles:
    (hidden)/(hidden) – (hidden)/(hidden), Project Engineer
    Responsible for creating 3D CAD models of military aircraft components.
    Working from aged mechanical drawings created 3D CAD models of F-15 eagle bulkheads and A-10 Warthog leading edge components and assemblies.
    Working with on-site engineers worked through design and part issues to create quality products for Boeing Aircraft Company.

    (hidden)/(hidden) – (hidden)/(hidden), Quality Engineering Consultant (on assignment to Fontaine Military Trailers)
    Responsible for providing quality documentation.
    Identified quality gaps for a complex military trailer, increasing quality and manufacturability and restoring confidence with the prime contractor, keeping a multimillion-dollar contract intact.
    Created root cause and corrective action reports to correct quality deficiencies in weld quality.
  • Mechanical Designer/Drafter Adam Aircraft, LLC · Full-time Aug 2001 – Jan 2008 6 yrs 5 mos Centennial, CO, United States Responsible for designing FAA certified aircraft components and systems.
    CAD Software: Solid Edge 18
    Designed more than 600 FAA approved and certified components.
    Created clean sheet designs of the Mechanical Flight Control System, ECS/Pressurization System and Main Cabin Door Latch Mechanism. Assisted with interior and seat design, fuselage, wing and empennage structures.
    Gained a reputation as the “GOTO GUY”. I assisted project teams and engineers to start or complete projects that resulted in reducing program development time.
    Received numerous awards for going above and beyond assigned tasks and volunteer work.
    Lead a team that built an “Iron Bird” to layout the flight control system.


  • US Navy AAS, Electronic Technology & Maintenance 1978 – 1978

Other experience

  • US Navy Aviation Hydraulic Technician
    Plane Captain
    Training Devices Technician
    Anti-Submarine Warfare Technician (USNR).
  • Additional Roles Takata, TRSI Tech Center; Mechanical Designer
    TriCAD Engineering, Inc; Mechanical Designer
    Williams Controls; Mechanical Designer
    IPEC Plannar; Mechanical Designer
    CADD Advantage; Contract Mechanical Designer
    Infocus Systems; Contract Mechanical Designer
    Salt Lake Community College; Adjunct Instructor
    Bard Access Systems; Mechanical Technician
    Abbott Critical Care Systems; Electronic Technician
    Abex/Jetway Systems; Electronic Technician


German Limited working proficiency


Castle Rock, CO, United States