my name is Vikanshu Dhawan. I am a mechanical engineer and I have a good experience in SolidWorks as you can see in my portfolio and AutoCAD. I can design any 3d model that you want me to design .
I have designed a multitude of plastic and metal components including specialised mobile phones, special purpose machinery, large closures for the oil and gas industry, cosmetic casings and spent many years in the plastic injection mould field much much more.
I began my career as a Toolmaker and realised very early on that my future lay in design.
I was always very interested in design, especially mechanical design, and became even more enthusiastic with the introduction 3D. This changed the thinking on how designs evolved and I have embraced this technology. (I was a real pioneer and slowly persuaded others that this was the future. I was responsible for introducing CAD to many companies).
Throughout my career, I have sought out new ideas and technology and implement them in my workplace. It is my passion.
Before becoming a freelancer I worked on many prestigious projects. I have overseen staff, been part of the team - all the usual things; budgets, training etc. However, since becoming freelance, a whole new world of has opened up to me. I have been involved in an overwhelming variety of projects - from a simple tool to a lifesaving device.
I work very much with the client on the project design. Some are for crowd funding projects and the enthusiasm of the client soon rubs off on me. My passion is still strong.


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Delhi, Delhi, India