Staff has BSME Mechanical Engineering
20+ years experience designing and engineering machines from concept to install.
Typically twice as fast on time for deliverables.
At the end of the project, the customer has the information gathered or developed for the job. Nothing is held back and nothing made less accessible to the customer.
8 axis machine with over 250mm of travel and no active feedback with a 5um repeatability.
Hydraulic presses up to 400 tons and 100 inches of stroke.
Soft package machines with 1000’s of packs per minute.
Assembly, sorting, and transport machines.
16 axis bench top machine.
Multiple QA and test machines from hand size products to parts weighing 100s of pounds.
Food industry machinery.
Vacuum enclosures and fixtures drawn down to 2psia.
Multiple fixtures, jigs, tombstones, and nest involving mechanical, pneumatic, vacuum, and hydraulic clamping.