A highly skilled Mechanical CAD Designer with a Diploma in Mechanical engineering, I have more than 5 years experience designing custom Capping machines, Closure systems and in R&D with SolidWorks. I am now seeking freelance projects that will enable me to expand my knowledge in mechanical design and technical drawing.

Some of my responsibilities in designing custom machines:
▪ Design of Baseframe structures and machines gearing and power transmissions
▪ Design of capping turrets, capping heads, bottle handling equipments and conveyors
▪ Design of steel structures and supports for caps feeding systems
▪ Creating bills of materials
▪ Choosing and ordering materials and commercial mechanical parts such as motors
▪ Checking/Controlling that progects respect customer specifications and general regulations
▪ Realizing technical drawings for parts manufactoring and for machine assembling
▪ Maintenance planning (lubrication, planned changing of components subjected to wear)
▪ Design and documentation following specifications
▪ Documentation, Installing instructions and design support during installation phase.

Responsibilities in R&D:
▪ Modifying a buffer device to make it washable and designing its washing system.
Design, laboratory testing, rapid prototyping and producing technical reports and a presentation.

3D Models


  • ITIS. A. ARTOM Diploma, Mechanical engineering 2009 graduation