Pavan Kumar S R

IN Bengaluru, India

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I am Pavan Kumar working as a Mechanical Design Engineer and have 4 years of Experience in Machine Design. Roles & Responsibilities : 1. Responsible for the design of assembly fixture, machining fixture and various automation. 2. Drafting of related 2D drawings and 3D modules using CAD tools to aid in the manufacturing process. 3. Selection of Long lead items & Materials. 4. Helping in commissioning of machines. Projects : • Many Pressing machines have been developed • Piston connecting rod assembly. • Piston ring Insertion. • Pallet for Holding and Assembly of Engine. • Trolleys to transfer the pallet. • Dust cap pressing for multiple gear boxes • Punch and Die Clamp for clamping of die in a pressing machine. • Single acting clamping cylinder by use of Disc Springs. • All Kinds of Tie rod Cylinders and Welded Cylinders. • Clamping Cylinders Depending on the application and customer requirements