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plan BD in Dhaka
Member Since: 2014-03-26
Hi, I am a young architectural designer with 12 years work experience in Architecture Working drawing , Architectural Details drawing, Factory Compliance drawing, Landscape drawing, 3d modeling, 3d visualization, 3d walkthrough, graphic design and Cad Conversion Service, Paper to Cad Conversion, Cad Drafting Services, Exterior 3d, Interior 3d. I can provide quality, competent, fast and constructive solutions for projects at any scale.
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Work as Design and Application engineer  2014_1st Placer -Global Design Challenge winner  2013_1st Placer- Grabcad Design Contest winner
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I have an A.A.S. in Computer-Aided Drafting & Design with over a decade of CAD experience. I'm proficient in creating many different types of CAD drawings and 3D models for various industries such as: fabrication drawings, detail drawings, mechanical and architectural drawings, presentation models, renderings, prototype models and more. I understand that strong communication is a key factor in getting a job completed correctly and on time. Let's talk about it and then get it done!
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Member Since: 2016-05-06
I am a Mechanical Engineering student at the Central University of Venezuela, about to finish the 8th semester, with 4 years of experience using Solidworks to design and model 3D parts and assemblies.Co-Captain of the university's Formula SAE team. Experience in CAD-driven mechanical design using DS Solidworks and Autodesk Inventor, oriented to both automotive and industrial applications. I have worked using Autocad for civil and architectural design and rendering as freelancer too. As a member of the Formula SAE-UCV team, I am always looking to improve mechanical designs, and I tend to be a very detail-oriented, and even passionate about a very detailed mechanical design, with unique features, from a fully adaptable and serviceable drivetrain system, to an easy to manufacture and assemble Air Intake System, capable to improve the performance of the engine, and reduce the manufacturing costs at the same time.
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• Date (8/2014 – Today´s Date) • Factory name Vossen Wheels (Florida) • Sector Light industry (Automotive) • Occupation or position held CNC Mill-Lathe Programmer. CAD DESIGNER • Main activities and responsibilities Create Programs for CNC Machines (Fanuc and HAAS) ------------------------------------------------- • Date (5/2013 – 8/2014) • Factory name PERKO (Florida) • Sector Light industry (Naval and others) • Occupation or position held CNC Mill-Lathe Programmer Setup man. CAD DESIGNER • Main activities and responsibilities CNC Setup FANUC Control ------------------------------------------------- • Date (2/2013 – (5/2013) • Factory name Southern Gear & Machine (Florida) • Sector Light industry (Aviation and others) • Occupation or position held CNC Lathe machines Operator. CAD DESIGNER • Main activities and responsibilities CNC Operator for MAZAK and FANUC Control ------------------------------------------------- • Date (01/2009 – 06/2012) • Factory name Fundilusa LDA (Portugal) • Sector Heavy industry (naval machinery) • Occupation or position held Programmer CNC machines. CAD DESIGNER • Main activities and responsibilities Create CNC Programs for operators FAGOR 8055 and Heindenhain CNC Control ------------------------------------------------- • Date (02/2004 - 12/2008) • Factory name Baliño S.L. (Spain) • Sector Heavy industry (naval machinery) • Occupation or position held Operator-Programmer CNC Lathe machines. CAD DESIGNER • Main activities and responsibilities CNC Operator-Programer FAGOR 8055 and Heindenhain Control
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Member Since: 2013-12-14
My name is Stacy Kirkner. I have over 12 years’ experience in AutoCAD 2d and 3D models. (I actually teach AutoCAD). I am highly educated, just completed another degree B.B.A. with a 4.0 GPA while working full time job. Also, have 2 A.A.S. in engineering. I have a photographic memory, so if you tell me something or show me something, I have it! I am passionate about product designs, problem-solving, and creating. I am also artistically-inclined so I make sure product layouts look nice, as-well-as function properly. I am honest, works hard, and mechanically-inclined. I enjoy problem-solving and creating! I could do this type of work all day long and can't get enough of inventing and product designing. I am absolutely thrilled when I can be part of product development that will improve the lives of others! I welcome the opportunity to prove my abilities. I look forward to making your product designs, creations, and dreams come alive. Best Regards, Stacy Kirkner
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cad brobot
Member Since: 2013-12-20
I am design engineer with 8 years experience in interior and furniture design and 1 year in graphic/web design. I have posted some works in . Looking for development projects and designs.
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Member Since: 2014-10-11
I have more than 15 years of experience in Interiors, architecture, structural. I can handle 2D as well 3D work easily. I had previous experience of working with different companies where I created 2D and 3D engineering drawings and presentations. I am well-versed with converting files from PDF/scan files to CAD with accuracy. I have professional expertise. You can view my portfolio. My Service Offer! - 3D Modeling/Rendering -CAD Conversion from scan -2D to 3D drawings conversion, -PDF to CAD with Accurate scale -Production Engineering Drawing -Fabrication drawings, -Solid Modeling on CATIA -Reverse Engineering (3D scan data to finish model),
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