Hire CAD designers & engineers near Wisconsin, United States

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Last updated: Aug 7, 2022

Hire CAD designers & engineers near Wisconsin, United States

 Cad Crowd is the best place to find freelance CAD design experts in Wisconsin. We offer a wide range of CAD services, and we have a team of talented freelancers who specialize in a drafting and design for a wide range of industries. We connect you with pre-qualified, reliable freelancers, taking the guesswork out of online hiring and pairing you up with the design expertise you need to reach your goals.

Cad Crowd offers a comprehensive range of CAD design services. From industrial design to analysis to engineer to architecture, we have the expertise needed to handle any design project. One of our specialties is 3D modeling, which has become an important part of many industries nowadays. Filmmakers and video game developers require professional 3D animation services, while architects, urban planners, and interior designers need help with 3D fly-throughs and rendering. We help them by connecting them with CAD freelancers who are experts in 3D modeling and can create the advanced imagery they require.

We also offer engineering solutions to companies in the fields of civil, mechanical, structural, and electrical engineering. Using CATIA, SolidEdge,  Pro/Engineer, and other CAD software, our freelance engineers provide drafting services, create designs for bridges, buildings, and other structures. They also test these designs through analyses and simulations to know how they would hold up to gravity, vibrations, and other forces in real life and find out how they should be improved.

Another service we offer here at Cad Crowd is architectural design. We help architects and construction companies in making excellent designs for both new build and remodeling projects on residential and commercial properties. They likewise assist with interior design and landscape design, translating ideas into a working blueprint and creating designs that will impress your clients.

Of course, we also provide product design services to our clients and help them create innovative products that respond to consumers’ needs, perform well in real life, and are cost-effective to manufacture. Our industrial design freelancers are familiar with many industries so, whether you’re working on a new drone design or require medical device design for a new surgical tool, you can rely on Cad Crowd.

We also offer contract manufacturing and USPTO patent application services to help you get your product made and to protect your intellectual property. 

Our CAD services are flexible, so you can easily choose a solution that best suits your needs. You can ask our in-house quality control staff to connect you with a vetted freelancer, or you can choose a freelancer on your own by hiring them directly through their Cad Crowd member profile. You can even have a design contest if you want to get a wide range of excellent ideas from our freelancers then choose the best one among them! 

Get the help of our Wisconsin-based freelancers for a single project or hire them on an hourly basis for a large, ongoing project — whatever you need! Whichever you choose, you know that you’re getting professional and dependable CAD design and drafting services and enjoying great value for money. 

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