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Hire CAD designers & engineers near Minnesota, United States

Welcome to Cad Crowd, the  best place to find CAD drafting, CAD design and 3D modeling freelancers in Minnesota! We connect every client with premium-quality Minnesota-based CAD services delivered from trustworthy, professional freelancers. Visit our website and browse through the profiles and portfolios of our members. Additionally, send us some of the details of your project and we will send you a free quote. With Cad Crowd, you can rest assured that you are dealing with the best freelance product design services in Minnesota.

Cad Crowd stands apart from many other CAD companies on the Internet. We provide clients a quick and trustworthy way to establish a connection with talented, skilled and experienced CAD freelancers. We eliminate all the hassles usually associated with online hiring by connecting you with carefully chosen, vetted, and pre-qualified designers and engineers. Instead of spending your time sifting through applications and bids, you can put your energy where its needed most.

We offer a complete range of CAD design services. From CAD drafting and 3D modeling to architectural design, industrial design, and electronics design our selection of Minnesota-based CAD freelancers have the needed expertise and tools to take care of any type of design project, regardless of its scope. Our freelancers provide top-notch photorealistic rendering and 3D animation and an extensive list of CAD drafting and engineering services. It’s our job to aid clients with things like jewelry design, medical device design, PCB layout and any kind of new product design. Our freelancers can help you create a basic concept and sketching and they can also help you with accurate 3D modeling used for manufacturing and prototyping.

Cad Crows is proud to be able to provide services that can be tailored to the needs of every client. Since every client is different, we have realized that they need unique solutions for their projects. Once we assess the client’s project we can come up with a  project estimate specific to their project. Whether you need to outsource a part of your drafting work or you want a long-term design expert that will work for you, Cad Crowd has the professionals that can help you achieve your goals.

The rapid progress in the field of product design and development technology has brought many changes for designers, manufacturers, and entrepreneurs. Modern CAD programs come with many different analysis and design tools that can speed up this process. With freelancers covering all major CAD design tools, we can provide you with the CAD expertise you need CATIA designers, Creo designers, AutoCAD freelancers, SolidWorks 3D modelers, and Siemens NX professionals are all available. If you're looking for experts in a specific software, just let us know! Alternatively, we can help you determine the best software solution for your project. 

We also offer contract manufacturing and USPTO patent search and application services, making us your one-stop-shop for all your product development needs. From getting a design to manufacturing to protecting your intellectual property, Cad Crowd is here for you! 

Send us your project description today for a free quote, and let us pair you up with industry leading CAD freelancer sin Minnesota. 

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