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Last updated: Aug 13, 2022

Hire CAD designers & engineers in Reno, Nevada

If you’re based in Reno and need CAD services, just get in touch with Cad Crowd. We have a large team of CAD freelancers in Reno who have years of experience in their respective fields and have helped numerous clients with their CAD design and drafting projects. Simply tell us what your project is all about, and we’ll connect with you a pre-qualified freelancer who has the skills to complete your project within your specified budget and time frame.

No matter what type of project you’re working on, you have the assurance that Cad Crowd can provide you with the services you need to bring it to completion. If you’re developing a new product, our industrial design experts in Reno are here to help. Some of them specialize in medical device design and assist clients who manufacture equipment for hospital and surgical use. Others, meanwhile, concentrate on drone design and help clients who are developing high-speed, high-performance UAVs. Still others focus on helping clients design jewelry, wearables, furniture, lighting, and homeware.

Aside from offering product design services, our CAD freelancers in Reno provide 3D modeling solutions to a wide range of clients. Film producers and video game developers get the help of our 3D animators and rigging experts to bring their characters to life and create realistic backgrounds and special effects for their projects. Architects and interior designers, on the other hand, work with our 3D rendering specialists to made realistic models of the properties they’re working on and use the rendered images for their marketing campaigns. Many property developers also use our 3D flythrough services to create virtual tours of the homes and apartments they’re selling or leasing.

We also offer CAD-based engineering solutions to our clients in Reno and surrounding areas through the freelance engineers on our team. Many of them come from a corporate background, which means they have the right level of training and experience to provide the best possible services to our clients and compete even with the biggest engineering firms. Hire our freelance engineers when you need help with engineering drawing and drafting or require assistance with linear, nonlinear, thermal, electrostatic, and fatigue analyses.

Here at Cad Crowd, we make sure that all of our freelancers are familiar with the latest CAD software. Our engineers, for example, use the tools offered by CATIA, Creo, and Pro/Engineer to conduct engineering analyses and simulation, while our 3D modelers utilize SolidWorks, SolidEdge, and Autodesk Inventor to complete their animation and rigging tasks on time. This means that you’re hiring someone who knows his way around the best software in the industry and can tackle your project using the program of your choice. 

We also make sure that our clients can easily find the right freelancer for their project. When you get our help, you won’t need to read hundreds of resumes or interview dozens of people since our staff will do these for you. Just send your project details to us, and we’ll connect you with a pre-vetted CAD expert whose skills and expertise fit your requirements.

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