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Anne Pauley

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Matias Vico

Matias Vico

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OpenSCAD is used to create solid 3D CAD objects, using a script only based modeler. It is more accessible than similar software, what with it being free, but it has its limitations. While its script can specify geometric primitives, it doesn’t have a feature that allows a freelance OpenSCAD designer to select or modify parts in 3D view. Not using a mouse, anyway. 

OpenSCAD does CSG (constructive solid geometry) and uses CGAL (Computational Geometry Algorithms Library) as its basic engine. Combined with other libraries within the program, it takes care of different project details, including Minkowski sums, difference, intersection, and envelope combination. 

What can OpenSCAD freelancers do with the program? 

Create accurate and adjustable parametric designs and 3D models. A few changes in the parameters and a design or model will be transformed. 

As a solid-modeling tool that is program-oriented, it enables the design of open-source hardware, such as scientific tools for education and/or research. 

Design parts that can be exported in STL format and then 3D printed. 

Unlike other design software, OpenSCAD documents can be read by humans in plain ASCII text. It is also to easy work with since it can be exported in formats compatible with common digital applications. OpenSCAD can be exported in PNG, 2D models in DXF, and 3D models in AMF, OFF, and STL. As of this writing, exported models don’t have colors, materials or definition of parts. 

What the difference between OpenSCAD and AutoCAD?

The former is used mainly for design and mechanical applications, while the latter extends to architectural and electrical as well. An architect can’t use OpenSCAD as well, but everyone else, including engineers, industrial designers, and students / casual users can.

When it comes to main functionalities, AutoCAD offers more with Documentation, Cost Estimation, Animations & Rendering, Part/Assembly Modeling, and Simulation & Analysis. OpenSCAD, on the other hand, only has the last two functionalities to offer. Despite such limitations, the modeling software is used in many industries, such as Advertising, Automotive, Computer, Electronics, Manufacturing, Software, and Technology. 

Are you looking for someone who excels in 2D Drawing, 3D Modeling, and Parametric Modeling?  

You will find OpenSCAD freelancers from Cad Crowd. 

We are your online source for freelance designers offering a wide range of services, including OpenSCAD services. With a huge community of professionals, we guarantee that you will find the designer that you need to complete a project that relies on OpenSCAD. 

We will match you with a freelance OpenSCAD designer that is highly qualified and equipped with the skills and knowledge to tackle any design project. After all, most of them are familiar with the use of related software, such as Blender, Mastercam, GIMP and MeshLab. This means, if you need someone who knows both GIMP and OpenSCAD, for example, you may not need to hire two different people. 

Contact us and we will match you with the professional that can meet your project requirements. You can also hire based on a member’s profile if you so desire. Feel free to check out the profile of our OpenSCAD freelancers. 

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