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Last updated: Apr 21, 2024

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FAQ for Hiring Adobe Lightroom Designers

With all the editing software available today, open source or otherwise, anyone can edit images or pictures. But for the finished product to look professional, without signs of oversaturation, under-saturation, or looking like it is fake, a professional touch is still required. Formal training and experience definitely makes a huge difference. 

So the next time you want a digital image edited, organized and retouched using Adobe Lightroom, hire Adobe Photoshop Lightroom freelancers. It's one thing to know how to use the basic tools, but another to make adjustments without leaving visible signs that alterations have been made. Lightroom edits are supposed to be non-destructive. But it only takes one wrong move to ruin a perfectly good picture.

As a photo processor and image organizer, Lightroom allows designers to view, organize and retouch digital images in bulk. It can do many things, except for some Photoshop functions, such as text rendering, modifying video frames, and doctoring. So you can't use it to alter the appearance, add or remove individual image items. 

Despite certain limitations, Adobe Lightroom remains a popular image processing software. Its latest version 6.8, is a minor point release of version 6.0 that brought new features to the software. These include panorama merge, filter brush, HDR merge, facial recognition, performance improvements, and advanced video slideshows. The minor release adds support for new camera raw files and lenses, and with fixes for bugs. There's also an Adobe Lightroom on Apple TV that allows photographs to be displayed on the large screen in the best light. 

Lightroom follows different workflow steps - library, develop, map, book, slideshow, print, and web. Each one has specific functions to suit a wide range of projects. Book, for example, is a module added in Lightroom 4 that allows a designer to create photobooks. Web, on the other hand, is used to create a gallery of web pages for online viewing. 

So what can a freelance Lightroom designer do for you? 

Process photos and images for a wide range of purpose, such as for marketing materials or to create shareable, professional quality images. The software is every photographer’s best friend. Because, regardless of the camera used, an image can be enhanced or improved.

Where can you find professional and reliable Lightroom freelancers? 

Cad Crowd. 

We have a community of designers well-versed with a wide range of design software, including Adobe Lightroom. Our Lightroom freelancers are experts in the software’s workflow, enabling them to cater to and tackle a wide range of related projects. 

Do you need geographic photos organized based on manually added or embedded geolocation data? We have a freelance Lightroom designer who can help. Simply specify which Adobe Photoshop Lightroom services you want to hire and Cad Crowd will match you with the professional that you are looking for.  



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