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We are looking for some one to design a complete landfill for use on our Tradeshow booth. We are looking for someone who can layout the entire site. From the waste cell to the roads, to the working face of the landfill and Leachate systems, liners etc. We would also like to incorporate our equipment and products into the design. This is mostly for Leachate. What we are attempting to do is show how to Waste Companies can handle their leachate to save money.
There are 3 steps to this process.
The first is minimization. We have developed a spray on solution that will repel water from the side slopes of the landfill and on the flat top of the landfill. Ideally we show a rain cloud raining down on the side of the landfill here and then we can have our graphic artists do bubbles on the rendering showing where that product is used.
The second part we do is pre-treatment. We have designed a system that can process and clean the leachate. The leachate is pumped from the bottom of the landfill to holding tanks where we clean it from there it goes to Leachate ponds where our Evaporation Misting Equipment evaporates the water. We also have the leachate evaporated inside buildings.

Ideally we want to show the daily operations of a landfill and where all of our products are used on that landfill. Visiting our website will give you a very in-depth look at what we do

Attached are some samples of how landfills have been rendered in the past as well as a top view of a modern landfill in California. Also included is a aerial photo of a landfill cell being built with liner and a side view of all the layers that go into a landfill. If you have any questions or need more details please leave note

This image will be blown up to fit a booth that is 5'6" high and 113" wide
we are looking for a design that can tell you visually what NWCI can do for a Solid Waste Site. Not looking for photo realism but looking for something that really explains the leachate process. It must flow from Rain to leachate to treated leachate to evaporated back to clouds. Looking for space so that we can overlay products and captions over the rendering at a later date
Don't Wants:
Not looking for esoteric designs or something that is segmented. Not looking for explanations of our products overlaid on the rendering.
Ask for Sample:
Will accept a sketch of what you think it should look like before going into the work to render it out. The sketch should be detailed enough to get an idea of your vision
File Size Limit:
25 MB +
  1. AutoCAD
  2. 3ds Max
  3. SolidWorks


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I thinks i make a possible of your land fill rendering. can you try me.

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