2 ring designs for 3D printing/lost wax casting

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looking to get the first 2 rings of my design recreated in CAD so i can get them 3D printed to be used in lost wax casting, the final products will be made of brass.
RING 1: rectangle face with approx 28mm X 24mm with bart simpson engraving, in 2 sizes US10 (dia 19.84mm) and US8 (dia 18.19mm)
RING 2: square face approx 14mm X 14mm with spider web engraving, in US6 (dia 16.51mm) and US8 (dia 18.99mm)
each ring will need to have a sprue for casting, please see pictures provided.
please see design sketches for rough idea of how they should look.
i have included photos of other rings with a similar finish/engraving
looking for someone that has some experience with 3D printing for casting but not essential, i also have more designs really to go for use on the same rings so would like to do more after these. this is the first time i have posted on anything like this so any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
any software that can generate STL/STEP/IGES files should be ok
price not set in stone either
aesthetics/apperance, exact measurements etc
  1. SolidWorks
  2. Autodesk Inventor


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#7 Ring 2 Design US6 Size Updated by sldraftingdesign
Download Files
#1 Simpson Ring One by Bruty101
#2 Spider Web Ring 2 by Bruty101
#3 Ring 1 Design US10 Size by sldraftingdesign
#4 Ring 1 Design US10 Size Better View by sldraftingdesign
#5 Ring 2 Design US6 Size by sldraftingdesign
Download Files
#6 Ring1 Updated by sldraftingdesign
#10 Ring1 Revised by sldraftingdesign
#11 Latest Revision Ring 1 by sldraftingdesign
#12 Ring 1 - US 8 by handsketcher
#14 Ring1 by REDA
#15 Ring Designs for 3D printing by markol




Wed, 16 Nov 2016 20:18:47 +0000
Please give feedback on my submittal



Wed, 16 Nov 2016 12:18:55 +0000

Are the two files i attached what your looking for?

If so i will continue to create both sizes of each as requested.

Thank you

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