D&D mini for Noz'dhuk, Archlich of life

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I am in need of a miniature for my big evil boss of the D&D campaign I am currently running.
This character's form is considered to be a large creature in this game, so the size of the mini needs to be at least 50mm at the base and at least 70mm in height. If the design is taller, I will be able to scale it down.

Noz'dhuk is an evil lich necromancer that was emprisoned in an alternate plane many centuries ago. The mini will be for when he gets liberated from his prison, then taking the form closest to what he remembers of himself, which is not much.

This form will resemble one of a half decomposed corpse, showing bones and rotting skin. Thin frail arms are attached to big claw-like hands with long fingers. The bottom half of Noz'dhuk is non existent. Being in the form of a ghost or spirit, he levitates above the ground.
His clothes are the old ones from when he was an archmage doing his research, thus a wizard robe, but aged, damaged and shredded. I am not decided on if he has a hood on his robes, i leave this to your creative choice.

Noz'dhuk has no weapons, he could have a spell book, but this is not mandatory. He could also have four arms, two for attacks and protection (more like beast arms) and the other other for general purpose like interacting with his spellbook, again not mandatory.
This miniature needs to be at least 50mm at the base and 70mm in height.
The delivered design must be in .stl file, to be easier to 3D print.
The design must include a broken down version of the miniature in multiple files, to be easier to 3D print. For example, one file for each arms, one for the base, one for the torso, etc.
The design can be all of the same color, as I will be painting the mini myself.
The design must resemble the style and esthetics of the image attached to this contest.
The clothes of the mini must have some details, like clips, design or jewels on them.
The base of the mini cannot be plain and flat. Add some rocks, corpses of some kind of environment to enhance the miniature.
Don't Wants:
I don't want a design that is too close to the known character Vecna, as I am pretty sure he will be compared to.
I don't want a design that is too hard to print. I the mini is detailed and complex, please separated the printing files in consequence.


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#2 Noz'Dhuk by AlainVat
Sep 16, 2022 19:49
#1 D&D mini for Noz'dhuk, Archlich of life by abhi007
Sep 14, 2022 5:36




Wed, 14 Sep 2022 16:50:09 +0000
Hi @abhi007, a good separations would be for each limb, or it can also be separated by height, depending on the model.



Fri, 02 Sep 2022 16:00:58 +0000
Hello @guillaumeb1, as you mentioned that you need different parts to be separated for easy printing, so what joints you would prefer for the assembly of the model after printing? Is is necessary to separate them? Or will it be ok if we can design a whole in one model without any separation? As the size is not too much big for a 3d printer.



Thu, 25 Aug 2022 14:16:54 +0000
Hi @AlainVat, here are the answers to your questions :

1) Noz'dhuk is the Archlich of life, because his goal is to bring eternal life to everyone, in a corrupted utopian way. The idea is that he wants to bring this good thing to everyone, without thinking of how or about the consequences.
2) He is part necromancer, because when he grants eternal life to someone (or something), it is often with great pain and suffering and usually the soul gets corrupted.
3) The height of the base should be around 5mm, but any decorations to it can be higher. For example, rocks and skulls can decorate the base and those can be higher.
4) I usually paint my bases of a certain color, depending on the NPC or PC, to spot them more easily. I have no problem if you want to add your touch to the base, I think it could look good with some runes, good idea!
5) I thought about giving him horns, but Noz'dhuk has no devil or animal ancestry, so I think it would be weird giving him any. Though you can submit a design with horns and maybe I will like the way it is implemented, surprise me!



Thu, 25 Aug 2022 06:19:06 +0000
What a great contest!

I'm currently a more parametric CAD oriented 3D designer, since my backround in mechanical engineering... so sculpting and other "artistical" forms of 3D modeling are not my strenght. Besides that, I know that world is full of posibilities and I always wanted to give blender a try (I have tried some few tutorials once).

On the other hand, I'm a big D&D fan. I have an Elf called Июнь and a Dwarf called Kalahën, so I know the thrill of the game. Maybe not as a DM but as a player that can stay hours immersed in that co-created alternate reallity.

Well, in sum... all I want to say with this preamble is: CHALLENGE ACCEPTED ! ! !

I know it will be rough though, since there may be many great designers with lots of experience out there, good luck to everyone and let the best win!

Enough about me, let's talk about Nuz'Dhuk.

1) My first question is about his name, why he is the Archlich of "life"? (Maybe knowing that could help to make a more personalized design, I find a quite intriguing the link between being a lich and life itself)

2) Regarding the last issue, if you want to tell us something more about his backstory or any key elements that you think we should know, it will be really appreciated!

3) About the base of the mini, I understand that the 50mm are in diameter; about how much mm in height would you like the base to be?
(I'm not talking about the total height of the miniature here, which I understand that can be anywhere between 70mm or more -taking into account your max printing height of 250mm-)

4) Also, would you like some inscriptions printed at the base? Such as his name, or maybe some runes or sigils.

5) Now moving up to the head... thoughts about horns?

Well, that's it for know haha. I will do my best to master quickly the basics of blender in order to get straight into the design.



Thu, 18 Aug 2022 20:22:23 +0000
@Design And More The head can look ghostly, but I would like it to stay close to it's human shape, because it is his origins.
In my wants, it is pointed out that I want the size to be 50mm at the BASE and 70mm in HEIGHT.
Also, I pointed out that I would like if the mini is separated in parts for easier printing. That said, my maximum printing height is 250mm, but again it would be easier to print the mini in parts.
Thu, 18 Aug 2022 19:31:30 +0000
Nice contest ! Do you want he has a skull head or rather a bit unshaped human head ? The reference at the left upper corner of your visual shows a ghosty look, is that direction please to you ?
I think the details will not be as detailed as your references because of the asked size of 50mm height. Do you know yet the setup of the 3D printer you'll use (the layer height especially).

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