Raster to Vector & AutoCAD Conversions by Freelance Contractors on CAD Crowd


The availability of freelancers on CAD Crowd helped companies deal with overflow raster to AutoCAD conversion work. This raster is available for use in engineering, architectural, mechanical 3D and 2D drawings.

We have been the most influential organization in this sector and have recently been honored with GSA and AS9100 certificates. Our company is among the few approved CAD Conversion Companies in the world.

We pride an accuracy of 0.05 in our services and this has gained us a good reputation. This in turn has given us a chance to work with some high profile institutions like The Military and air craft industries among others.

Our deliverable product is an ideal CAD drawing with actual drawing lines, circles, arcs and texts as texts. Each drawing is produced with at least three to seven layers and colors. Depending on your preference, your chosen layering scheme is used. Alternatives that are most suitable are can also be decided on at no extra cost.