How a 3D Rendering Service Can Help with Your Exterior Design

3d rendering exterior design

The exterior design of a building needs to be planned out well as it should involve color theory, visual perception, and artistic approach. That is because these aspects will transform it into a comfortable, appealing, and functional structure. Back in the day, architectural design services used old school manual sketches to keep a record of their ideas or to show them to clients. These hand-drawn ideas vary from loose drawings to highly detailed colored sketches that communicate a realistic representation of their vision.

With the design and construction industry valued at approximately $24 billion, architects must have a reliable tool to accommodate the demands of efficient, competitive, and flawless designs. 3D rendering has been around for quite some time now. But it’s only recently that the design industry has fully embraced its potential and acknowledged its benefits.

3D Rendering in your exterior designs

In the past, sketches were the thing for design professionals to showcase their designs, plans, ideas, or products. While sketches still have their place, they can’t compete with 3D rendering.

Effective presentation

Client presentations are made easier with 3D rendering compared to manual sketches. With renderings, clients can visualize the design more easily. Design approval is made more convenient with this in your toolkit.

3d visualization apartment

3D renders can give photorealistic results with the appropriate lighting and texture. With this powerful tool, 3D exterior rendering services can show their clients the exact night or daytime view of the exterior. As the old saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words.”

See the design in every angle

Regardless of how excellent a 3D modeling design service is, a manual drawing will not do any justice to help clients envision the finished product. Design flaws are hard to detect in manual drawings. But with a 3D render, clients can have an interactive tour of their future exterior, giving them a better view of every angle to help understand the architect’s design choice.

Easy changes to the design

With the multiple stages involved in designing and planning, 3D rendering makes it easy to make changes to the design before executing it. 3D BIM models used in 3D rendering allow 3D rendering services to experiment and explore the options available in instances when the client changes their mind or disapproves of the design.  

In addition, 3D rendering allows designers to virtually place a piece of furniture in a specific place to see if it fits. You can quickly present design modifications per client specifications, allowing real-time reflections of these changes. With these amazing features, the costs involved in changing designs are avoided.

Better and faster feedback

Apart from faster approval, 3D renders speed up client feedback, as they can quickly envision the design and quickly spot errors and identify specific areas that need updating. Better visuals result in clearer communication between parties involved for the success of the project. Architects or designers can incorporate the latest changes that suit the client’s needs within the day which can be digitally shared for a streamlined approval process. 

Stimulates emotional response from clients

The sleek and captivating designs from a 3D render can bridge the communication gap between the designer and the client. Designers can come up with inviting or warm designs to capture the attention and emotion of the client. If you cannot tell it in words, then photos will tell the story.

Easy and affordable

Although the software can be costly, the numerous benefits of 3D rendering outweigh the “expensive” initial cost. Photoshoots are costly compared to projects completed through 3D rendering. If you have numerous products to launch, a series of photoshoots can be expensive in the long run. 3D rendering reduces the high cost of physical models during photoshoots, which is doubled when you factor in that you can reuse models and change colors and textures with ease.

Improved customer relationship

Customer’s happiness and satisfaction are what make an exterior design business a success. Seeing a project come to life with all the specifications and requirements a client wants will give the client assurance and trust while fostering communication. With this, the designer is not only giving the client an unparalleled customer experience but also a reason to pay for your service. Lastly, this will build customer loyalty. A happy client would not go anywhere else and will recommend your services to their friends or family.

Effective marketing

With 3D renders, you can presell a design or a unit before the actual erection begins. Clients and investors are able to have a realistic representation of a property or design.

3d renders of houses

A 3D furniture rendering service can also post 3D rendered photos on social media to promote their services or brand. Great exterior designs can attract likes, comments, or shares that will boost your marketing campaign.

Predict the future of the design

3D rendering helps designers understand the environment, particularly the neighboring buildings and existing properties. This also helps designers play up or add virtual infrastructure to see how “new” properties will fit the existing environment.

Fast and easy

3D rendering makes the work fast and easy. Create photorealistic renderings with accurate lighting, texture, or shading in just minutes. Create appealing presentations for clients to envision their home with an upgraded exterior as soon as possible.

Cad Crowd’s exterior rendering services can help

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