Four CAD Design Challenges On Now!

automotive design contest

Crowdsourced design contests are great for both buyers and designers! There’s no telling what kind of challenges await designers in the Cad Crowd contest pages. There’s no better way to see a variety of solutions to your design problem than a crowdsourcing design competition! Here are four of the contests currently running on Cad Crowd.

1. iPhone Audio Booster 3D Modeling Design by Andry Rodriguez Perez

audio boost cad design

Headphone amplifiers are great if you need more volume than your device’s output can handle. As a wireless device, this audio booster doubles as a signal extender. Treat your ears kindly, though, people! Hearing loss is permanent. But sometimes, for whatever reason, you just need a little bit more juice!

2. Mechanical Jewelry 3D Modeling Design by Ridwan Septyawan

mechanical jewelry design challenge

There’s still one day left for jewelry designers to put forward their submissions for this unique jewelry design challenge. It’s not often that jewelry comes with moving pieces. This is obviously a bit of a challenge for any designer, and you need a way to get the piece assembled in such a way that it won’t come loose!

3. Automotive Concept 3D Modeling Design by Allwyn

automotive design contest

This contest has been extended a couple times, and it’s attracting some fantastic design submissions! A great contest to look at if you’re interested in futuristic automobile design. Some top-quality talent is contributing to this design contest.

4. Auto-Tuning Radio 3D Modeling Design

There are four days left for this contest, and so far no entries. But it’s quite an interesting challenge. The idea here is for a car radio system that is able to seamlessly transition from one frequency for occasions where a station broadcasts on different frequencies on overlapping terrains. This is achieved through two separate digital tuners that look for stations by their digital ID. This contest is up for the taking!


If you’re a designer looking for a fresh challenge, or if you’re looking for help with your own design project, take a look at our crowdsourced design competitions! Learn how it works, and launch your own contest today!