6 Inspiring New Product Designs from the Cad Crowd Gallery

Top Product Design Cad Crowd Gallery

We’ve got a whole lot of really talented designers, 3D modelers, and innovators on Cad Crowd. Our Designer Portfolio Showcase is loaded with awesome designs ranging from the purely mechanical to the entirely aesthetic. There’s a lot of creativity brewing in the Cad Crowd community, so we thought we’d share a round-up of some of the sleekest new designs from the past week.

Sheet Metal Box design by Dmytro Fedorenko

Sheet Metal Box Design Dmytro Fedorenko

We loved this elegant and simple design for a metal box with drawers made entirely from sheet metal. This minimalist storage unit really demonstrates a central principle of good design: doing good work within a project’s limitations. This thing isn’t cool despite being entirely sheet metal, it’s cool because it’s entirely sheet metal! The beauty is in the simplicity, and in the designer’s ability to make something both functional and appealing.

Wire Nails Magnets design by Mart

Wire Nail Magnets by Mart Product Design

Elegant is nice. But weird is good, too. These magnetic hooks are a distinctively modern and cool decoration for lockers, fridges, or anything else metal you might want to hang your hat on. Making the world a little bit more cartoony is definitely something we can get behind! The variation between the different nails makes them appealing as a set, and adds to the whimsical charm. A great way for students or anyone else who uses a locker to add some personality to their space!

Futuristic Napkin Holder/Box design by Mohamad Nasser

Napkin Holder Product Design by Mohamad Nasser

People figured out a while back that, if you’re going to have a box full of tissue paper lying around, you might as well try to make it look nice. Napkin companies have been decorating their cardboard boxes for a while now. Sometimes they’re not bad. But more often than not it’s just some generic floral print. Now there ain’t nothing wrong with flowers, don’t get me wrong! But this napkin box design makes for a much more interesting decoration. There’s nothing like a fresh design that puts a new spin on a stale, everyday thing and turns it into something interesting.

Mini Hydroponics Seed Starter design by Adam

Mini Hydroponic Seed Starter by Adam

Urban gardening is becoming a serious thing, and hydroponics and aeroponics are growing more popular, especially for those who live in apartments. This futuristic, compact design looks cool, but more importantly it meets the needs of a target market: city dwellers with limited space. This design is smaller and a lot more intriguing than conventional hydroponic seed starters, and in addition to helping you garden indoors can help you pretend you work for NASA.

Baby’s Bed Furniture design by mab

Baby's Bed Interior Design by mab Designer Furniture

Talk about form following function. This baby bed design is so utilitarian and functional, and yet so classic and stylish. A truly great design that compromises on nothing. I can’t remember what my crib was like, but I wish it had been as handsome as this piece of designer furniture! This design really demonstrates how modern design technologies can be used to create classically beautiful pieces.

Far Out Cube Decor design by BRAVO

Cube Decor Interior Design by BRAVO

Woah. So we’ve mentioned some futuristic designs. Well here’s something inter-galactic. These psychedelic rainbow candy cube things would be an awesome design for anyone who’s first thought upon seeing a lava lamp was “does it do anything else?” These cubes don’t have to do anything, they just are, and they speak for themselves. They somehow capture some of the nostalgia of childhood but mingled with the ambiguous atmosphere of an after-hours club. There’s just something pretty cool about these cubes, I guess is what I’m saying.