5 Awesome Electronic Devices from the Cad Crowd Community


Electronics are a major part of our lives these days. We’re surrounded constantly by electric gadgets of various descriptions doing all kinds of things for us. From our entertainment systems to the ways we communicate to the ways we brush our teeth, we sure do like our gadgets and our gizmos. And just like with any other common object in our lives, the way these things are designed has a big impact on us. Thankfully, there are talented designers out there coming up with cool creative electronic device designs to make our lives a little bit nicer. We’ve got plenty of them right here at Cad Crowd! Here are some examples of their work!

1. Robot Desk Defender by Luka B

desk-defender-cad-design Check out the cool shades on this dude! Also, he’s got missiles for fingers! This playful design is for a little robot desk buddy who can be remote-controlled to fire foam projectiles at your coworkers. In self-defense, of course. You may have seen similar products for sale at your local electronics store. But I doubt rather highly that any of them had the exceeding class and swagger exhibited by this particular plastic robot.

2. Music Audio Booster by Michael Dimou

music-audio-booster-electronics-design If the past decade or so of industrial design trends have taught us anything, it’s that sleek minimalist electronics are like hot cakes. These audio boosters carry on in that tradition. Sleek, elegant, and simple. They’re a simple device with a singular purpose, and they pursue it with style and grace. What more could you want, really?

3. Virtual Reality Headset Dock by Ridwan Septyawan

virtual-reality-headset-display-design Virtual reality is an emerging technology that is likely to have a tremendous impact on the way people play games, watch films, and interact with the world around them. But where are we going to put the headsets when we aren’t using them? Well, why not on a futuristic cyber-mannequin with USB charging ports and internal storage compartments? That seems like a reasonable solution.

4. Electronic Point of Sales Concept by rob@neontoad

point-of-sale-concept-device-design Anyone that’s ever worked retail will appreciate the elegance and ergonomic appeal of this design. This device is a concept for a point of sale (PoS) device for restaurants, stores, cafes, etc. It’s a table-top device that can also be picked up and carried. modern and stylish, it would definitely enhance the atmosphere in any kind of hip and modern shop.

5. Apertus Beta Camera by Shahmo

camera-3d-modeling-design Remember way back before you took pictures with your phone, when people used cameras? Well, it turns out that plenty of people still do use cameras, and that some of them can even take better pictures than your phone( #nofilter)! Speaking of nice pictures, look at this incredible rendering of an apertus AXIOM Beta camera. The apertus project an an open source/open hardware project looking to bring the open source movement to the world of professional cinema. Their AXIOM hardware is currently in the beta stage. Of course, this is but a small sampling of all the various different electronic device designs that have been uploaded by the Cad Crowd community over the years. There are plenty of talented designers working on all kinds of projects, either privately or as part a Cad Crowd design challenge. Are you looking for an awesome designer to help you develop your electronic gadget? Submit your project for a free quote! We’ll connect you with a top-ranking, pre-qualified designer to help you meet your goals.