5 of Our Most Popular Crowdsourced Design Contests Ever

Firefighter Bath Toy Design

If you’re a designer, or if you’re looking to post your own crowdsourcing design competition, then you’ll find plenty of inspiration looking through Cad Crowd’s CAD design contests. Design challenges are a fun and stimulating way to come up with creative and innovating solutions to design problems. We have clients post design contests for everything from graphic and logo design to electronics and architectural drafting.

We have clients post design contests for everything from graphic and logo design to electronics and architectural drafting. In this week’s recap, we highlight 5 of the most popular design contests we’ve seen to date.

1. 3D Advertising Pylon with Smart Trash & Recycle Bin – Product Design Contest

LED Advertising Pylon Marketing Design Crowdsourced

Is that not the prettiest trash bin you ever did see? If only all of our garbage cans and recycling bins looked this pretty! For that matter, imagine if all of our advertising billboards were as ornate and decorous as this design! This is a beautiful combination of functions that merges a luxurious and brilliant advertising platform with a pleasant way to deal with our garbage. How nice! It’s a real testament to great design when it allows users to perceive an everyday object in a totally new way, and these advertising pylons certainly accomplish that goal.

2. Robot Lawn Mower – 3D Modeling Design Contest

Robot Lawn Mower Crowdsourced Desig Contest

It seemed that not long ago we were all having our socks blown off by the possibility of a robot vacuum. Well, this one is an even better idea. Robot vacuums suffer from the problem of storage: they just can’t hold that much dust. Lawnmowers, though, don’t actually need to store the grass they cut — it’s even better for your lawn if you just leave it in place! The robot lawnmower was maybe just the next logical step.

This robot lawnmower design is cooler and more sinister looking than most robots from Star Wars. Your grass will never mess with you again once it gets a sight of this slick piece of machinery. And your neighbors probably won’t, either. That this menacing looking piece of gardening equipment might also serve to deter robbers is maybe an unintended consequence of its stylish design!

3. Canadabs Beaver Box – General Design Contest

Canadabs Beaver Box CAD Design competitions

Well right off the top of my head I can think of all kinds of things I would want to keep in a box like that. But this particular Canadabs Beaver Box was meant for electronics. Designed with an eye to the Canadian nickel, it’s a truly patriotic box. Or one for large rodent enthusiasts. Look at that industrious little beaver!

4. Smart Water Carafe – Product Design Competitions

Smart Water Carafe Product Design Challenge

There are a few smart things about this smart water carafe design. For one thing, it looks pretty darn smart. Also, it can be poured in any direction without having to open up the lid. Keeps your orange and cucumber slices inside, and dust and debris outside, while being usable with just one hand! Elegant with that classical vase shape, it would look great in any context, whether at home or the office.

And if you haven’t tried that cucumber water thing, definitely give it a try. It’s surprisingly good.

5. Firefighter Bath Toy – 3D Modeling Design Contest

Firefighter Bath Toy Crowdsource Design Contest

This one is pretty cute, come on. A firefighter bath toy that attaches to the faucet and splits the water into two streams. This thing will contribute to many wrinkly over-bathed children once it finds its way to store shelves.

This super fun crowdsourcing design contest brought in a variety of quite different designs. The creator of the contest had a tough choice to make — a not unwelcome problem you can have with popular design challenges! Here’s another one of the runners up:

Firefighter Bath Toy Design


All of these contests were successful because the designer knew what they wanted, communicated those needs in their contest description, and set a fair prize for the contestants. And, of course, because they posted their contest on Cad Crowd! And so should you! Here’s how.