5 Mind-blowing Architectural CAD Design Projects


Our freelancers come up with a ton of neat projects, but their architectural design projects are in a league of their own. The following come from the imagination of our designers, but they’re so talented you’ll feel like you can step right into them. Whether you love architecture, want a new addition for your home, or love excellent CAD, the following designs are guaranteed to impress!

1. 3D Interior Pool Design by Saad Younas

Care for a dip? Hot summer day or cold winter night, this hot tub/pool combo is hard to resist. Come for a swim and stay for the design talent! This model is an excellent demonstration of our designers’ skills in various sub-fields of rendering, allowing them to model hard surfaces, water distortion, and complex objects, all lit by complex ambient light. Whatever your vision, our designers can help you realize them. Contact us to take the plunge!

2. 3D Designed Bungalow Model by Penoviq

Can you picture yourself standing on that second-floor balcony? I sure can. This design will make you want to invest in your own modernist paradise, or perhaps use our designers to construct your own! No matter how detailed the structure you have in mind, our designers can turn your vision into a reality.

3. Apartment Building 3D Model by Sergei O.

There’s something almost gothic about this half-finished apartment complex. I wouldn’t want to live in this one, but I could see it being put to use on the set of a horror film. This design shows how our freelancers can create both a sense of physicality and an aura of mystery through use of shadow and color. Want to design a building with a distinctive look? We’ve got you covered!

4. 3D Modernist Townhouse Complex by jeffrey_freelancer

This eve-lit boulevard is full of captivating detail: from the people, to the cars, to the trees lining the block, this design shows how much our designers put into getting you high-quality, detailed results. This row of townhouses looks so friendly and homey, you’ll want to move in yesterday! Whatever your vision, our designers can make it happen with style and quality.

5. 3D Model of Modern Villa by Mohamed A. Zaki

This villa has an other-worldly quality to it: there’s something about it that makes it feel as though it couldn’t quite exist in our world. Maybe it’s the mirrors – they make the villa look strangely transparent, though, in reality, the images reflected on the villa are perfect reflections of what lies in front of them. It’s easy to make this for granted, as we’re used to photographs, but this isn’t easy for a designer to render! Whatever you’re going for in your design, and whatever challenges you bring to us, we’ll hook you up with a designer who will get the job done right.

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