3D Rendering Freelancers & Visualization Services vs. In-House 3D Artists

3D Rendering & Visualization vs. In-House 3D Artists

Using 3D rendering services requires forethought and planning. As a business, consideration must be given to the type of 3D design services you use. The two main methods are employing an in-house 3D artist or outsourcing to a freelance 3D designer. Both methods have pros and cons. Both methods are viable, but this depends on the size and scope of your business.

In this article, we look at which is the better choice—using outsourced freelance 3D design services or employing an in-house 3D artist.

Difference between In-House & Outsourced 3D Visualization

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First, let’s take a brief look at the two different options.

In-House 3D Artist

This involves physically employing a member of staff. First, you would have to sort the recruitment process and find a suitable candidate. Second, the staff would have to be accommodated within your business premises and given equipment. This member of staff would then work full time as part of your business. You would assign them work and projects and pay them a fixed salary.

Outsourced 3D Rendering Services

Outsourcing involves using a platform such as Cad Crowd to find the appropriate talent. Let’s say, for example, that you require 3D rendering services for architectural design. Using Cad Crowd, you could find suitable architects and designers and hire them. This designer would complete the work required, and you would then pay them for their services. The designer would not be employed by your business, and they would usually work remotely.

Drawbacks of Using an In-House 3D Artist


As you can see, there is a vast difference between an in-house artist and a freelance designer. This essential difference provides two very different roles. Although using an in-house artist can be beneficial, the drawbacks are numerous. In today’s modern world, cost and time mean everything.

Traditional methods of employment and job completion are being replaced by outsourcing and freelance work. In the design industry, using an in-house artist is not the most cost-effective method. To demonstrate why, we have listed some of the main drawbacks below:

The Expense of a Full-Time Salary

This is a distinct disadvantage. When using in-house design services, you have to physically employ someone. This means a myriad of expenses. Furthermore, it also means paying a full-time salary. You will have to pay this person an annual salary, regardless of if they have work or not. This is more expensive than simply hiring someone as and when needed.

Let’s look at an example. You hire an in-house designer. Their annual salary is $25,000. During the year, you have five architectural visualization projects. Each project would cost $500 if you used a freelancer, totaling $2,500. The other $22,500 of your in-house designer’s salaries ends up used on admin and other essential duties. Is that cost-effective? Not if you only need a handful of 3D design jobs per year.

Additional Equipment and Workspace Required

Aside from the salary, there is also a requirement for office space and equipment. To hire a new member of staff, you must have a clear working area. This could reduce opportunities to utilize the space for other purposes. Furthermore, you must purchase additional office equipment such as a desk, chair, stationary, and work storage.

In addition to this, you must also purchase a suitable computer complete with 3D rendering software or 3D visualization software. The cost of computer software alone can rack up to thousands. When adding up these expenses, the total cost to employ an in-house designer does add up. The relative lack of cost in comparison when looking at the services of a freelancer is next to nothing.

Additional HR and Administration Costs/Work

The costs don’t end there. Consider the increase in HR and admin costs. By employing a new member of staff, your HR and admin staff have to process additional paperwork. They will have to sort payroll and bank account details. Moreover, the new employee has to be registered for tax purposes, etc. In addition to this, the employee has to be added to company databases and systems. All of this takes additional time and effort. Furthermore, it takes the admin and HR staff away from their standard duties.

Arduous Recruitment Process

Finally, hiring a new member of staff takes time. The recruitment process can be long and drawn out. First, your business must consider what they’re looking for. This involves drafting a list of skills and responsibilities. Secondly, advertisements must then be placed on job platforms and other outlets.

Thirdly, a member of your team must take time to review the applications and sort through suitable candidates. Next, first and second interviews must be held. Finally, the successful candidate must be vetted and brought into your business. As you can imagine, this whole process is time-consuming. From start to finish, recruiting a new member of staff could take weeks or even months.

Advantages of Using Outsourced 3D Rendering Services

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It’s clear that in-house design is not the best option in today’s world of business. In a more substantial, global business, using in-house staff is more viable. However, for smaller businesses, using freelance 3D modeling services is a much better choice. But why? To show how powerful this form of outsourcing is, we have listed the main advantages below:

Only Pay for the Required Work

We touched on this above. By using a service such as Cad Crowd to find CAD services, you literally only pay for the work they do. You are not paying a monthly salary or any associated admin and HR costs. If you need one 3D render or a single piece of 3D art, for example, that is what you will pay for. There are no lost costs or unwanted expenses. Outsourcing is cost-effective and can significantly reduce your overall expenditure on design projects. You literally only pay for the work that you need.

Option to Work on Multiple Projects Simultaneously

When hiring an in-house designer, they can only work on one project simultaneously. Your employee will work in a linear fashion. You assign a task, such as a 3D render for a new piece of furniture. The designer cannot start anything else until they have completed this task. Once the piece of furniture is completed, you can then assign them a new task. They could attempt to multi-task, but this could have negative ramifications. Firstly, it could mean a reduced quality of work. Secondly, it could mean greater lead times for tasks.

Using freelancers removes these constraints. Let’s say, for example, that you have three 3D rendering projects that require short rendering processes. Instead of giving these three projects to one person, you could hire three different freelancers and have them all completed in a fraction of the time.

Faster Hiring Process

In comparison to hiring a member of staff, finding freelance workers is easy. As we mentioned above, the process of hiring staff is long-winded. Your business could spend fruitless weeks and months searching for the right employee. In reality, you may never find a suitable candidate.

In contrast, using a platform such as Cad Crowd is efficient and can save you money and time. We have thousands of experienced 3D rendering designers, artists, and CAD specialists. All you have to do is provide information relating to the job you require completing together with a budget. We do the rest of the work. Once advertised, you can choose a suitable candidate once applications have been sent. From there, you can talk directly to the freelancer and start the work process.

While hiring a member of staff could take weeks, finding a suitable freelancer could take hours. This means you can utilize your time effectively. Furthermore, it means the projects you require can be completed quicker.

Guaranteed Expert Service

Regardless of how thorough your recruitment process is, there is no guarantee that the person you employ will provide an excellent service. The employee could turn out to be ineffective or have poor attendance, for example. When hiring freelancers for 3D computer graphics, the quality of service is almost guaranteed.

Remember that freelancers generally do not have a fixed income. They may work on a job by job basis. Due to this fact, they have to provide excellent service. If they do not, they could risk losing future work or damaging their reputation. Furthermore, the platforms that you will use to hire freelance workers put measures in place to ensure that they only allow quality workers.

Ability to Meet Strenuous Deadlines

In today’s modern world of business, deadlines are often tight. Lead times for projects can often be the difference between winning and losing a contract. By hiring a full-time in-house designer, their time is limited. Moreover, as we discussed above, the designer can only work on one project at a time.

In contrast, using freelance 3D rendering design services provides excellent flexibility to meet deadlines. If you are in a tight spot and require short rendering times, you can find a freelancer who can meet that deadline. Freelancers will only take on the work they can cope with. Furthermore, as with the expert service pointer, their livelihood relies on it. This means that they are unlikely to miss a deadline.

Cad Crowd’s Network of CAD Services Can Help

We hope you have found this article enlightening. Using a service such as Cad Crowd, a business can effectively outsource their 3D design work. We help find anything from 3D rendering services to CAD design services, and 3D modeling. By outsourcing, your business can work efficiently, and also save on costs. In general, using freelance design services provides greater flexibility for your business. Find out how it works!