Electric starter and CVT for engine GX 35cc

This is Honda engine GX 35cc which we used in all our tournament of Shell eco car Marathon, this year I tried to integrate something new in our design which is adding CVT mechanism and modifying the type of the starter motor by brushless motor. CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) also known as a shiftless transmission, CVTs are commonly used in small motorized vehicles. I started by designing the whole design in SolidWorks, I used 3D scanner to construct digital 3D model of the engine. I used ABS plastic to print the orange gear only to test the mechanism if it’s operating well, and meanwhile testing the gearing ratio. For the shaft of the brushless electric motor was manufactured in CNC lathe, and milling machine 4 Axis to realize flat surfaces in both side of the shaft. Most other flat parts sheet metal aluminum and stainless steel I used CNC Water jet cutting machine.

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