Small Heat Exchanger

Analysis of Small Heat Exchanger, heat transfer between hot and cold water with flow velocity 5 and 10 mm/s respectively.

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Published 2 years ago
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  • H C Shomesh (author)
    Hello JEvdWest,
    Thank you that you like the simulation.
    1. About the dimension, inner and outer pipes are 10 and 20 mm in dia respectively, with a 1 mm wall thickness on the outer side with a length of 100mm.
    2. About the heat transfer hot and cold water, enters the system at 60 and 35 C respectively, with heat transfer coefficient I took as h=10w/m^2 on both hot and cold side.
    3. Actually, I was working on bigger heat exchanger, because my system is really old so can't able to solve such big design, so I just put same boundary condition with a simple design to represent the heat exchanger mechanism. Its water to water heat transfer takes place.
    If you have any further question you can ask, I'm happy to answer those questions.
  • Nice Simulation! I did analyzed a similar heat exchanger as part of my Masters degree. Some questions:
    1. What are the dimensions of this heat exchanger?
    2. What was the heat transfer in watt you could achieve at the different flow velocities?
    3. Was this just for fun or part of a bigger system? (Usually you would cool down two different mediums, for instance using water to cool oil without them mixing)