Enclosure design for Raspberry Pi 4 Model B

Contact us to design your enclosure. Website:- skw.lk This is the design for the Raspberry Pi 4 Model B PCB. Inside of the enclosure has PCB and Fan (30mm x 30mm x 10mm). This is a user-friendly design. You can put it anywhere (on the flat surface) and easily access all ports. Inside has 1 fan and Raspberry Pi PCB. The top Cover (TC) fitting type is a tight fit. Fit Air out Fan Assembling video:- [Video](youtu.be/5zZhMW2rGMM) (Video was made for the advertising. In this video we have Raspberry PI 3 B+ PCB but we changed it to Raspberry Pi 4 Model B and We have to do some adjustments for the 3d print to improve the strength & stability of the enclosure) And we also provide these 3d designs services.

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